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Lines in the Ice: Seeking the Northwest Passage

decoration14 Nov. 2014|29 Mars 2015

Lines in the Ice examines why Europeans are drawn to explore the Arctic and, in particular, the fabled Northwest Passage. Arctic exploration has influenced our culture, changed the societies of indigenous peoples, and had a powerful effect on the making of the modern world. The exhibition displays early European maps of the Arctic, Inuit accounts of the coming of the explorers, writings from the search for Franklin, early Arctic photography and much more. It also unearths the history of the North Pole’s most famous resident – Santa.

"This a splendid exhibition. Thought-provoking, inspiring, full of interest and curiosity throughout, and with a haunting soundtrack of Arctic sounds from the BL archives.  Don’t miss it – it’s on until next March." (Laurence Worms)

Picture: The British Library Board


14 Nov. 2014|29 Mars 2015
96 Euston Road
The British Library
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