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National Book Auctions - Books and Ephemera - Incunabula, Art, Civil War, etc.

decoration23 Oct. 2011
This catalog features a broad range of rare antique and vintage books, as well as a fine array of artwork and ephemera. Also included are several personal libraries of scholarly books relating to literature and philosophy as well as a large estate collection of art and architecture- related reference books, many in large, folio formats.

The dedicated and expert staff of National Book Auctions draw upon decades of experience in the worlds of collectible books and ephemera. Since the company started in the early 1990s, National Book Auctions has sold hundreds of thousands of volumes through live auction and online markets. The methods used by National Book Auctions today to market collectible books and ephemera are effective because they are highly evolved and embrace the most current trends in values and collecting patterns.


23 Oct. 2011
1429 Danby Road (Route 96B)
Ithaca, NY
National Book Auctions
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