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Introduction to the History of Bookbinding (Jan Storm van Leeuwen)

decoration25 Juil. 2011|29 Juil. 2011

Through the ages, the covers, spine, fore-edge and other parts of the book have been decorated in almost every conceivable manner, technique, and material, thereby turning the binding into a work of decorative art. This introductory course focuses on the history of fine binding, but will also discuss the principal techniques and materials used in the West throughout binding's long history. For his work on “Dutch Decorated Bookbinding in the Eighteenth Century” Jan Storm van Leeuwen has been awarded with the 15th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography 2010.

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25 Juil. 2011|29 Juil. 2011
Charlottesville, VA
Rare Book School (RBS)
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