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John A. Lane: Printing Types in the Dutch Golden Age: Nicolaes Briot, Christoffel van Dijck & Nicolaus Kis

decoration22 Fév. 2011

Sixth Justin Howes Memorial Lecture: The evolution of printing types shifted from France to the southern Low Countries in the second half of the 16th century, Holland in the 17th and England and Scotland in the 18th. Types from 16th century France, the Low Countries and most of the 18th century British foundries have been well catalogued, including the work of Garamont, Granjon, Van den Keere and Caslon. But Nicolaes Briot – possibly the most important figure in the Dutch ‘golden age’ – remains almost unknown, the types of Christoffel van Dijck are best known from specimens issued by his successors, and those of Nicolaus Kis from recuttings made in the 1920s from a few surviving sets of matrices. In an illustrated lecture, John Lane shows types by these Dutch masters and suggests that Briot’s roman types served as the principal models for Van Dijck, Kis and Caslon. John A. Lane is a historian of printing types, typefounding and type specimens, also specializing in analytical bibliography, paper and watermarks. His many books and articles discuss the history of printing types from the 15th to the 21st century.


22 Fév. 2011
Bride Lane, Fleet Street
St Bride Foundation
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