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John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors. 7th edition. With Corrections, Additions and an Introduction by Nicolas Barker. Oak Knoll Press 1995
Term english
Definition english
"There is the formal anonymity of a book whose author, though his name is not on it, is known (e.g. Gulliver’s Travels, The Vicar of Wakefield or Sense and Sensibility). For the cataloguing of these and similar pseudonymous books (e.g. Alice in Wonderland or Jane Eyre), some booksellers use, and others dispense with, the conventional square (or equally common round) brackets.There is also, however, the real anonymity of ‘authorship unknown’. And once in a while the cataloguer has to admit defeat.Since a book by an unidentified author is harder to sell (other things being equal) than one of known paternity, it may reasonably be assumed that he has consulted halkett and laing and the other obvious reference books." (John Carter)
Term french
Definition french
Ouvrage publié anonymement et dont on n'a pas pu retrouver l'auteur.
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Term swedish
Definition swedish
Utan författarnamn. Författarnamnet sätts inom parentes, när titelbladet inte lämnar någon uppgift om verkets författare. T.ex. (Palm, Magnus) om Magnus Palm i föreliggande ABC inte velat skylta med sitt namn.
Term german
Definition german
Ein Werk erscheint anonym, wenn weder ein Verfassername noch ein Deckname (Pseudonym) angegeben ist.
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