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THE HEART OF AFRICA. Three years' travels and adve ...
Studio bibliografico Pera, Italy
$ 194 Acheter sur: Maremagnum
Dos Passos, John and Richard Layman (editor)
Afterglow and Other Undergraduate Writings: A Facs ...
Eureka Books, ABAA, United States
$ 63 Acheter sur: Direct From Seller
Letter sent via 'Katherine Stewart Forbes' convict ...
Hordern House, Australia
$ 454 Acheter sur: Direct From Seller
Essais - tome I, II, III
Borgolungo, Italy
$ 43 Acheter sur: Maremagnum

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New York International Antiquarian Book Fair Catalogue

Published on 21 Fév. 2020
Libraire :

Symonds Rare Books Ltd

Spécialités : Incunables , Manuscrits , Sciences naturelles , Sciences et techniques , Voyages , Poésie , Histoire , Religion , Sciences occultes , Estampes et dessins

We invite you to take a look at our selection of rare and interesting books on diverse subjects from the dawn of printing to the present day. On this important occasion, we would like to show you presentation copies and autographs, including a page from the score of the main theme of Casino Royale (1967) by Burt Bacharach (n. 11) and a presentation copy by the great Italian Romantic Ugo Foscolo (n. 5) of his translation of Sterne’s Sentimental Journey (1814). A wonderful leaf from a 1455 Gutenberg Bible (n. 21) is included in our selection of manuscripts and incunabula, which further features a breviary from the Abbey of St. Loup of Troyes (n. 14) and a wonderful printed border by Johann Zainer of Ulm (n. 19). One of our best represented categories, Natural History will showcase an exceptional volume of the Historia Naturalis by Pliny (n. 43) and a rare floral book on Antigua by Lydia Byam (n. 37), inter alia. The section on the History of Science highlights the complete Philosophical Collections (1679 - 82), which were edited by Robert Hooke and presented some of the most important discoveries of the 17th century for the first time (n. 50). Furthermore, there is the first book ever printed with embossed types for the blind, using a technology that predates the Braille alphabet. The great occultist Aleister Crowley formed a special relationship with John Symonds, his literary executor. We are also proud to present unique Crowley items, including an unpublished drawing from Thelema Abbey of 1921 (n. 113) and the holograph manuscript of The King of the Shadow Realm (n. 110), the biography of Aleister Crowley by Symonds. Art objects include a very rare, signed and dated, bronze cast of the death mask of Joseph Stalin (n. 115) and a fine contemporary portrait of Charles Dickens, aged about 49 (n. 117). We hope you will enjoy browsing the history of ideas and experience the many wonders of the past.

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Special List 364: Forty-Four Books About Women

Published on 20 Fév. 2020
Libraire :

Richard C. Ramer

Spécialités : Littérature , Histoire , Poésie

Autre Spécialités: Portugal, Brazil

Forty-Four Books About Women, with full-color illustrations

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A Musical Miscellany - February 2020

Published on 20 Fév. 2020

238: Rare Books in the Medical Sciences: Anesthesia, Dentistry, Medical history

Published on 20 Fév. 2020
Libraire :

Jeff Weber Rare Books

Spécialités : Médecine

Catalogue 238 contains 43 medical books: SUBJECTS: Anesthesia, Chinese Medicine, Cocaine (Cola-Cola); Dentistry & Dental Instruments, George Dock Offprints, Medical Bibliography, Medical Education, Medical Letters & Medical Poetry, Mexican medical history, Neurosurgery, Opium AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTORS: American Heart Association; Andres ARANDA CRUZALTA; Carter Burwell BERKELEY; [Charles] Carolus MINOR; Greene Vardiman BLACK; Astley COOPER; Arthur Joseph CRAMP; Samuel CRUMPE; Harvey CUSHING; Jean DARIER; Thomas DE QUINCEY; Paul DIEPGEN; George DOCK; Daniel DRAKE; John F. FAITHHORN; GALEN; Antonin GOSSET; Alexander GRANT; Simeon Hayden GUILFORD; Heinrich HAESER; William Ernest HENLEY; Pierre HUARD; Blair HUGHES-STANTON; Robert KOCH; Chauncey D. LEAKE; Samuel Albert LEVINE; Thomas LINACRE; Baron Joseph LISTER; Henry Munson LYMAN; Sir William MACEWEN; Charles MacLAURIN; Hugo MAGNUS; Edward Deering MANSFIELD; Otto MARBURG; Angelo or Ange-François MARIANI; John MARTIN; Laird WNEVIUS; William OSLER; Sir James PAGET; Joseph Frank PAYNE; Raymond PEARL; Sir William ROBERTS; Samuel ROLLESTON; Hans SALLANDER; John Cunningham SAUNDERS; William SHARP; Charlotte THOMAS; University of Iowa Museum of Art; Paul UUNSCHULD; [WALLER COLLECTION; Tord SKOOG; Samuel SWHITE; Ming WONG.

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List 280 Architecture, Art, Design, Japanese Books

Published on 19 Fév. 2020

Items on Display at the 2020 New York Antiquarian Book Fair

Published on 18 Fév. 2020
Libraire :

The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

Spécialités : Droit , Impressions anciennes , Manuscrits , Livres anciens et rares , Pamphlets

We are pleased to share the list of items we plan to display at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, March 5-8, 2020. It includes: - a subscriber’s copy of the first American edition of Blackstone’s Commentaries - a first edition of the first English treatise on matrimonial law - a penitential manual from 1500 in verse - a well-illustrated 1565 digest of military law and practice in the Holy Roman Empire

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