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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
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Medieval Beauties, Revolutions, Mutinies, and Modern Art

The first event of the bibliophile's year, and one of the most traditional – From January 29 to 31, exhibitors from Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands offer masterpieces of book art and milestones in the history of ideas at the 49th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair.
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Un Bibliophile de grand Ec(h)o

Fraîchement de retour du Louvre où il a été convié en tant que conservateur invité (pas moins que ça !), Umberto Eco inaugurera en septembre 2010 le Congrès et la Foire Internationale de la LILA avec sa conférence intitulée Le vertige de la liste et du catalogue.
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Speculating on the Book Trade - Rare Books as Investments?

The stock market appeals to the gambler in me. The first thing I do in the morning is switch on my computer and check stock prices. Unlike the price of rare books, they change every day. My earnings as a book dealer have always been either supplemented, or often superseded by, my earnings from the stock market. I can see a time when the book trade will be reduced to a handful of big businesses in London. There are not enough books to go round, and the present hierarchy of dealers operating at different levels will ultimately disappear. The internet has made the business a level playing field.
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Rare books, prints, maps, photographs, manuscripts and ephemera for sale at the ANZAAB Antiquarian Book Fair

Douglas Stewart Fine Books is exhibiting rare colonial manuscripts, photographs and artworks, illustrated French children's books from the 19th century with Australian content, silk broadsides from a Melbourne playhouse in 1858, a rare photograph of the first Melbourne Cup trophy. The Lindsays are well represented with Fauns and Ladies and A Homage to Sappho, complemented by original paintings, drawings and etchings by Norman, Ruby and Lionel Lindsay. Also on offer are Rembrandt's etching The Hundred Guilder Print from 1649, the first edition of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (with a manuscript and several signed photos), and an extraordinary 4 metre-long chromolithographed Panorama des Jardins Zoologiques illustrating a French zoo ca. 1880 with Australian animals.
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