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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
The business of prints

The business of prints - British Museum Landmark Publication & Exhibition

Publié le 29 Nov. 2017
The British Museum has one of the greatest collections of prints in the world, and holds the UK’s national collection. The majority of this collection, which totals more than two million prints, was made in the years before the invention of photography. Due to the sheer volume of the collection it can become difficult to grasp its contents, and many of the prints are today very unfamiliar and puzzling. For the past century, prints have usually been discussed either as finished works of art or as illustrations of a particular subject. This exhibition reverses the perspective in a way that has not been attempted before, and endeavours to show prints as an object of trade.
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Winner of the James D. Forbes Collecting Prize 2017 - University of St Andrews (UK)

Publié le 28 Nov. 2017
Arthur der Weduwen, PHD candidate at the University of St. Andrews in the UK, has just received the James D. Forbes Collecting Prize which has been awarded annually since its inauguration in 2015. The prize is named after the university's famous graduate and later professor (1833) and principal (1859), James David Forbes (1809 - 1868). Arthur der Weduwen has permitted ILAB to publish his report here.
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Marbach logo

›Sammlung Berge‹ geht nach Marbach

Publié le 22 Nov. 2017
Das Deutsche Literaturarchiv Marbach hat kürzlich eine Frankfurter Privatsammlung zu Eduard Mörike erworben. Der Sammler Klaus Berge, verdientes Mitglied der Deutschen Schillergesellschaft und langjähriger Freund des Hauses, hat über mehr als drei Jahrzehnte hinweg sachkundig Handschriften, Erstausgaben, Widmungsexemplare, Grafiken und Gegenständliches von und zu Eduard Mörike sowie seinem Umkreis zusammengetragen.
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'Med gamle bøker mot en ny tid' - 'With old books in modern times': 75 Years Norwegian Association

Publié le 16 Nov. 2017
"Through the association the trade has organized themselves as managers and intermediaries of the cultural heritage of books. While the books are waiting for their new owners, it is the antiquarians that take care of them. It is they who bring about the material remains of our literary heritage to new readers, to collectors and institutions. Thus they secure great cultural values for the future, and they distinguish between the valuable and the worthless, between the inalienable and waste paper. Hence the antiquarians contribute, not only to preserve the cultural heritage; they also to a large extent, contribute to define it."
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Martin Stone

The Remarkable Martin Stone: Remembering the Celebrated Rare Book Dealer and Blues Guitarist (Limited edition)

Publié le 03 Nov. 2017
Rare book blog Booktryst has just announced the publication of its newest book and first fine press edition, The Remarkable Martin Stone: Remembering the Celebrated Rare Book Dealer and Blues Guitarist. The book honours and remembers the life of Martin Stone with contributions from colleagues in the book trade, writers, actors, friends and book collectors.
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Mémoire du passé

Une sélection de nos archives


Love for Sale - An Auction Catalogue

Love for sale – The story is simple: Lenore Doolan is 26 years old and working for The New York Times as a cake columnist, Harold "Hal" Morris is a globe-trotting photographer in his early 40s. Disguised as Lizzie Borden and Harry Houdini, they met at a Halloween party, fell in love with each other, have a happy time full of romantics, share everyday life in a New York flat – and split up after a little more than three years. And then they do what not only famous people nowadays often do when a change in life arises: They pack their things, give them to an auction house, where a sale is announced ...
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Bibliophily across borders: From Italy, Austria and England to Argentina: For the Love of Books (Part 3 of 3)

For 70 years, the motto of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers has been "Amor Librorum Nos Unit" - "The Love of Books unites Us". We look at some recent publications from Argentina, Italy, Austria and the United Kingdom.
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The True Story of Migraine and Book Buying

Several years ago I had a customer who occasionally bought an expensive book. He was not a regular, but sometimes came by to buy something, I think to reward himself for business deals that had gone well. He drove a flashy car, a Porsche that he was very proud of. He usually sprang out of it, wearing an Armani suit, an open white shirt and a gold chain around his fleshy, tanned neck. One day he arrived unannounced - looking distraught.
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New York Antiquarian Book Fair 2012 - Field Day for the 1 %

A colleague approached me on the floor of the New York Book Fair and asked if I'd composed this week's blog yet. I told him I had not. He kindly offered to write it for me himself. It'd be a snap, he said – first the obligatory picture of booksellers slouched around the bar at Donohue's, then a photo of an unhappy dealer at set-up, surrounded by more books than he had room for, a shot of the eager line at opening, and two or three more showing people in the act of purchasing things. Add a funny story about something that happened to one of our colleagues, and a picture, with price and description, of a really neat item that I bought at the show, and it'd be done.
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