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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens

Yale University Press - The Voynich Manuscript

In February 2014, media reported a breakthrough that had been made in attempts to decipher a mysterious 600-year-old manuscript written in an unknown language: The Voynich Manuscript, carbon-dated to the 1400s, was rediscovered in 1912, when the antiquarian bookseller Wilfrid Voynich bought it in Italy as part of a rare book collection. Since then it has defied codebreakers and scientists. The BBC and several news channels reported on the case. Yale University Press has now published the "first authorized copy of this mysterious, much-speculated-upon, one-of-a-kind, centuries-old puzzle." (Yale)
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Dr Anke Timmermann & Quaritch Booksellers Talk at Rare Books London 2017

The new festival Rare Books London, which is due to be launched this year in May, will be hosting fairs, auctions, tours and talks. We will highlight a number of events at Rare Books London in the upcoming weeks. Some talks and tours have already sold out!Bernard Quaritch's "Collecting Pains - symptoms and remedies for book lovers" will provide a fascinating insight into the rare book trade, past and present. Visitors will discover the company's long history, meet staff and view highlights from the archive and current stock. Incidentally, one of Quaritch's more younger staff members Dr. Anke Timmermann was recently elected as a new Associate Member of the ABA, and her background shows the diversity of people working in our trade. We would like to share her article, originally published in the March edition of the ABA newsletter, below.
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Faux et faussaires

New York Slate: A Bob Dylan Forgery (Why to be careful when buying at auction)

In one of the latest blog entries of Peter Harrington Rare Books (UK), Rachel Chanter describes the dangers of buying at auction. "This cautionary tale shows how far forgers will go to defraud dealers and avid collectors, and how they can sometimes exploit an auction house's less-than-rigorous approach to research. Fortunately, we were able to discover the spurious nature of this artwork, subjecting it to the same level of scrutiny as we do all the items we acquire, which is why we are able to assure customers of the legitimacy of everything we sell. "
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Histoire du livre

To all Lovers and Investigators of Nature: Maria Sibylla Merian; 1647-1717

2017 marks the 300th anniversary of the death of the German artist and entomologist Maria Sibylla Merian, one of the most celebrated natural scientists of her time. From an early age she pursued a fascination with the insect life cycle, then only partially understood. Merian was the first to bring together insects and their habitats and the knowledge she collected provided important insights into medicine and science.
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ILAB in the Press - Aus dem Antiquariat (German)

German antiquarian magazine, Aus dem Antiquariat, has covered ILAB's new Mentoring Programme. The programme aims to help young or recently launched booksellers throughout the world by offering support and counsel on a one to one basis. The International Mentoring Programme, organised by the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers gives experienced booksellers the opportunity to lend a hand in the early days of a bookseller's career when help is likely most needed. Four German speaking dealers have signed up as mentors so far: Norbert Donhofer and Robert Schoisengeier (both Vienna, Austria), Sabine Keune (Aachen) and Uwe Turszynski (Munich).
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The book villages of France – Les villages du Livre

The Salon du Livre Rare in Paris (7-9 April 2017) has invited a small but special group of ambassadors who are working tirelessly to promote the trade in and the love for rare and antiquarian books. An unusual project but one that could be replicated in other countries and shows the determination of a group of professionals to pass on the knowledge and passion for our profession.
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Mémoire du passé

Une sélection de nos archives


The 5 Most Stolen Books - A Survey by Publisher's Weekly

This week two spectacular book thefts have gone through the press. The World's famous Codex Calixtinus, worth millions, is missing in Santiago de Compostela. A few days later historian and author Barry H. Landau was arrested on charges of stealing historical documents, including ones signed by Abraham Lincoln, from the Maryland Historical Society. "The arrest eventually led to Landau's locker, where police found upwards of 60 documents worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Laudau's heist and the tremendous value of the stolen documents got us thinking about the other end of the literature theft spectrum: what are the most frequently stolen books from bookstores?"
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The Library of William Morris – A Digital Catalogue by Bill Peterson and Sylvia Holton Peterson

An excellent bibliographical project and an important contribution to Victorian England and the history of the private presses: Bill Peterson and Sylvia Holton Peterson have launched a digital catalogue of the library of William Morris (1834-1896) who was one of the key figures of the Victorian era and founder of the Kelmscott Press in 1891. So far 958 entries from a total of approximately 2.000 have been added to the digital catalogue, all of them carefully described with provenances, references, quotations, and, if available, links to digital versions. The catalogue – to be found here - can be searched in various ways: authors, titles, date of publication, key words etc. More details on this impressive work are given by the editors themselves ...
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Rare Books: Still So Much to Learn and Discover – Conference and ILAB Pop Up Fair in Sydney, 21-23 April 2016

Rare Books: Still So Much to Learn and Discover is a must go to conference for anyone interested in rare books and associated materials on paper. It will particularly appeal to special collections librarians, collectors and antiquarian booksellers but is open to anyone interested. Over two days, subjects such as the building of collections of books and ephemera, research, theft and digitisation will be discussed. Well known author and entertaining speaker Nicholas Basbanes will speak from the USA on the history of paper and the State Libary of NSW will offer special behind the scenes tours of the library. The conference will address both educational and practical needs of the professionals working with special collections and in the trade, and will equip them to do their jobs with greater insight and understanding. Collectors will benefit from the opportunity to hear from the professionals and other collectors giving all three groups an update on what is going on in the world of rare books today.
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Into the South Sea – The first “Bibliophile Evening” held at Dr. Paul Kainbacher Rare Books in Baden (Vienna)

On Saturday, November 8th, the Austrian antiquarian bookseller Dr. Paul Kainbacher had invited collectors and colleagues to his antiquarian bookshop in Baden (next to Vienna), Elisabethstrasse 33. The shop was the perfect location for the "Bibliophile Evening" which was dedicated to The Exploration of the South Sea. The bookshop welcomed numerous guests, among them collectors and book lovers from Germany, Austria and Finland as well as scientists and explorers from various university departments. They all had come to see the most beautiful books and to listen to highly interesting lectures by European experts of the South Sea such as Prof. Hermann Mückler (Vienna University) and Ms. Anke Oberlies (German James Cook Society). See the pictures!
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Have you already registered for the ILAB Congress and / or for the succeeding ILAB International Antiquarian Book Fair? Have a look at the promising programme and do not hesitate to subscribe. In a series of articles we will introduce you to the most exciting places of Budapest – libraries, museums, archives, music halls and other famous sites. Joins us on our virtual tour through the Hungarian capital. Today we will invite you to a virtual tour through the: Treasures of the National Library Széchenyi.
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