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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
Leonardo da Vinci's Library

Leonardo da Vinci: reflected in his library

Publié le 06 Mai 2019
Leonardo da Vinci was a tireless and inquisitive reader. He owned more than 200 books about science and technology as well as literary and religious topics. An exhibition organized by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and the Berlin State Library at the Museo Galileo in Florence sheds new light on the intellectual cosmos of the artist, engineer, and philosopher, who remains as fascinating as ever 500 years after his death.
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1 - 8 / 1825

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BBC News: The booming trade in second-hand books

As 2018 came to an end, the BBC featured a rising trend in collecting antiquarian material and how the internet has changed the trade. "The rise of online has helped revive the second-hand book market, but what impact has it had on traditional, second-hand book shops?"
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Rare Book Paradise - California Antiquarian Book Fair Videos 2012

"Hi, my name is Eric Idle, and I am a book addict. And this is the place where I hang around." In Febuary it rains in Rotterdam, freezes in France. Britain is bundled-up, it's cloudy in Catalonia. Sweden is snowed-in. But when the California International Antiquarian Book Fair comes to Pasadena, California, the warmth of the sun pours over rare book lovers and dealers from all over the world. See the California Book Fair Videos on YouTube and meet colleagues and collectors like Heather O'Donnell, Michael Thompson, Gary Milan, and Eric Idle while browsing the California Book Fair shelves.
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1954 - The 7th ILAB Congress in Vienna

In 1954 the ILAB delegates met in Vienna for their 7th Congress in the history of the League. It was the time of the Cold War, Vienna was still divided into five occupation zones between the Soviet Union, the USA, the United Kingdom and France, and with the first district, the city centre, being patrolled by all four. Christian Nebehay, at that time President of the Austrian Antiquarian Booksellers' Asscociation (VAO), had invited the ILAB booksellers to Vienna. He and his colleagues had organized a fabulous congress programme including visits of libraries and palaces, concerts, flower bouquets and chocolate for the ladies, an elegant welcome reception - and a memorable "Heuriger" party.
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Keith Fletcher

I am a bookseller – a third generation bookseller and brought up on all kinds of old-fashioned ideas of Town and Gown, Gentlemen and Players, Society and Trade. Many years ago when we visited America regularly my father was invited to join that august New York Club, the Grolier. He declined on the grounds that it was not the right place for a tradesman. Consequently I feel that it is my duty tonight to present to you my credentials as a collector.
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Bibliophiler Salon 8. Oktober - Baden (Austria)

Der 6.Bibliophile Salon im Antiquariat Kainbacher in Baden bei Wien am Samstag, den 8.Oktober 2016 wurde wieder zu einem schönen Event für Buchsammler, Wissenschaftler und Historiker. Das Thema: Piraten, Freibeuter und Sklavenhändler in der Südsee lockte ca. 45 Besucher an. Die Vorträge hielt Universitätsprofessor Dr. Hermann Mückler, der als Experte für den Pazifischen Raum hochinteressante Themen rhetorisch und graphisch auf höchstem Niveau aufbereitet hat.
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