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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
William Reese: Collectors, Booksellers and Libraries
Le Métier

Collectors, Booksellers and Libraries: Essays on Americanists and the Rare Book Market by the late William Reese

Publié le 17 Sept. 2018
The rare book trade lost one of its most active members earlier this year. Besides his achievements as a remarkable bookseller of Americana material and the respect he gained in the bookselling community, William Reese is also remembered for his series of essays on the rare book market and Americana which were published in 2018. In a tribute to Mr Reese, ILAB will publish two chapters of his book over the next few weeks on this website with the permission of William Reese & Co.
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Jessica Jordan

Five Young Women With Prize-Winning Book Collections

Publié le 11 Sept. 2018
The Paris Review, 7th September 2018: In 2017, Honey & Wax Booksellers established an annual prize for American women book collectors, aged 30 years and younger. The idea took shape when Heather O’Donnell and Rebecca Romney, the bookstore’s owners, observed that “the women who regularly buy books from us are less likely to call themselves 'collectors' than the men, even when those women have spent years passionately collecting books."
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Mémoire du passé

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How to Read a Graveyard - The Guardian presents “The 10 best ... famous graves”

William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Bette Davis, John Keats, Sylvia Plath and, of course, Oscar Wilde whose grave in Paris is always covered with red lipstick kisses. The memorial - a naked birdman - was unveiled in 1914, but it had to be covered up because of complaints about the figure's exposed genitals. Oscar Wilde's grave on the Père Lachaise is a tourist attraction, as well as Jim Morrison's grave nearby.
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The Importance of Open Shop Antiquarian Bookstores

Michael F. Suarez is Director of Rare Book School (RBS), Professor of English, University Professor, and Honorary Curator of Special Collections at the University of Virginia. He holds four masters degrees (two each in English and theology) and a D.Phil. in English from Oxford. Together with H. R. Woudhuysen he edited the monumental two volume "Oxford Companion to the Book" in 2010. Nigel Beale met Michael Suarez for an interview in Boston:
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L’admission du Japon, la création du Prix de bibliographie (désormais intitulé Prix de Bibliographie LILA-Breslauer) et la première foire internationale du livre ancien furent les étapes importantes des années soixante.
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Hermann Hesse online - First Editions, Autographs Letters, Illustrated Books

Hesse's personal library and his literary remains were divided between the Marbach Archives (Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach) and the Swiss National Library (Berne) in 1964. Links to databases, bibliographies and museums.
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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Divers Press: Founded in Translation

Proensa, Paul Blackburn's translations of the Provencal poets, was the first publication realized by Robert and Ann Creeley's The Divers Press. Earlier in 1953, Creeley abandoned Roebuck Press, a publishing venture with fellow Mallorca expat, Martin Seymour Smith, due to a disagreement in just what writers that Press should give voice to. Smith wanted to publish his mother, which Roebuck in fact did. Creeley wanted to publish his friends. Creeley: "I was just determined to publish Americans of my own interests. I was far more idealistic than Martin." Poets such as Blackburn spoke in a language that Creeley could understand and enjoy. Creeley felt Blackburn's work was the ideal choice for Divers Press's first statement to the world.
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