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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
Seattle Downtown

Seattle Book Fair Report by Douglas Stewart

Publié le 19 Déc. 2018
After the Pasadena book fair in February this year I enjoyed a scenic drive up the Pacific Highway to Seattle, where I met up with the local dealers who invited me to come exhibit at the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair in October. I thought that sounded like fun, so jumped back on the QF93 to attend my first book fair in the Pacific Northwest.
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Mémoire du passé

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Celal Sengör

Celal Sengör is one of the leading geologists and specialist on earthquakes worldwide. He is a professor of the Technical University in Istanbul – and possesses what is probably the largest private library on geology and it’s history from the very beginnings until today. His library, built into the hills above the Bosporus, contains more than 30,000 volumes...
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Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal!

If there's one thing you can guarantee it's that the minute you think you're being smart is the minute before you meet someone much smarter. One of the reasons I love my job so very, very much is that my minutes of being smart never last long enough to knock my self image out of whack. If I'm not meeting a customer whose breadth of knowledge and devotion has the least admirable parts of me reaching for a pitchfork and a torch then it's one of my colleagues who is making me wish I could eat their head and consume their wisdom entire.
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Manuscripts and the Worthiness of Collecting

Collecting undoubtedly serves many people beneficially during their lives in these respects. However there is also a higher scheme of things in terms of collecting. This involves considerations of the past, the present and the future which have significance for the individual involved as well as beyond him or her. An interest in his past is an inbuilt response in Man. 'How will we know it's us, without our past?', John Steinbeck asked. How else can we make sense of our lives unless we discover ourselves to be part of the continuum? For those interested in psychological parallels (if, indeed, they are not in some ways part of the same process) aspects of the Jungian concepts of the collective unconscious and the self-regulating psyche seem to suggest themselves. We need to have some relationship with the past and one of the easiest and most effective ways is through contact with our human predecessors. Collecting can be one of the royal roads.
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In Memoriam Bob de Graaf, Libraire, Editeur et Bibliographe (1927-2011)

Lorsque des libraires d'ancien parlent entre eux d'un « grand libraire », ils n'ont pas toujours la même idée en tête. Pour certains, il s'agit d'une librairie ayant beaucoup de personnel, un gros chiffre d'affaire et de substantiels bénéfices. Pour d'autres il s'agit de quelqu'un qui maîtrise véritablement l'art d'étudier un livre, quelqu'un de capable de découvrir ce qui va soudainement en faire un livre intéressant pour le plus grand nombre de lecteurs, et non seulement un public restreint de spécialistes. Lorsque Bob de Graaf dit un jour : « Je ne suis pas devenu un grand libraire », il s'empressa d'ajouter : « Non, c'est de la fausse modestie. » Et répéta, l'air entendu : « Je ne suis pas devenu un grand libraire, mais je n'ai jamais aspiré à le devenir. »
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John Hanning Speke - English Soldier and Explorer (1827-1864)

In search of the source of the Nile, of Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and the "fabled 'Mountains of the Moon'": John Hanning Speke's life and deeds are closely connected with Richard Francis Burton. They were companions who finally turned out to be combatants. After Burton's biography Raymond Howgego tells the story of the other famous African explorer John Hanning Speke on With a bibliography of Speke's travel accounts and books about Speke.
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Rare Books Uncovered: Rebecca Rego Barry’s True Stories of Fantastic Finds in Unlikely Places

Few collectors are as passionate or as dogged in the pursuit of their quarry as collectors of rare books. In fact, book collecting is the only pastime that has a clinically diagnosable illness – bibliomania - to describe its more obsessive hobbyists. The focus of their desire is seemingly limitless: centuries' worth of rare and unique tomes, manuscripts, and historical documents are out there, everywhere, each with unique stories and histories. In " Rare Books Uncovered", Rebecca Rego Barry recounts some of these remarkable discoveries from the world of book collecting.
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