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Shakespeare's First Folio for the first time ever on display in India

Publié le 08 Fév. 2017
A copy of one of the most famous books in the world - 'Shakespeare's First Folio' - will go on display in the CSMVS Museum in Mumbai this month, on loan from the British Library in London. It is the first time a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio has been on display in India, representing a unique opportunity for the people of Mumbai to see this iconic volume. The 1000-page book, printed in 1623, will be on display from 20 January until 8 March 2017. The book will be left open at one of William Shakespeare's most loved plays, Romeo and Juliet.
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Devil in the Details

Publié le 13 Jan. 2010
By the time Henry Clay Folger died in 1930, he had amassed a collection of early English printing that is most famous for housing more than a third of all the copies known today of the First Folio of Shakespeare.
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History of the London International Antiquarian Book Fair - Founded in 1958

The idea that the ABA could organize book fairs to give provincial antiquarian booksellers (of which there was still at least one in most of Britain's market towns in the 1950's) a temporary shop window in London came from a small group of booksellers who, in the summer of 1957, rented one of Sotheby's galleries in Bond Street during the auctioneer's closed season and offered their books for sale on some simple shelving.
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New Work On Irish Painter, Jack Yeats

"It was not easy to be Jack Butler Yeats. Beset with the dual burden of identity and fame, he wisely distanced himself from most of the Yeatses and proved more a Pollexfen (his mother's line) than a Yeats. In the second half of his career (circa 1920s-1950s), when he moved from commercial art to fine art, he proved more a European painter than an Irish one ..."
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Umberto Eco (1932-2016)

C'est avec une grande tristesse que j'ai appris le décès d'Umberto Eco, Patron d'Honneur de la LILA et de l'ALAI, philosophe, homme de sciences, homme de lettres, client et ami d'un grand nombre d'entre nous. Je suis très reconnaissant d'avoir rencontré ce grand homme de nombreuses fois, je me souviens des nombreuses discussions livresques que nous avions lors des foires de Milan. Il était, à tous points de vue, un penseur brillant et un homme très cultivé et instruit. Ce qui compte encore plus est le fait qu'il posait un oeil critique sur son pays aimé, l'Italie, et qu'il n'hésitait pas à s'opposer à de nombreux politiciens lorsqu'il avait le sentiment qu'ils avaient tort.
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ILAB Presidents' Meeting 2019 - Tbilisi, Georgia

The next ILAB Presidents' Meeting will take place in September 2019 in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi. More information will follow soon.
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Congresses, Meetings, Fairs 1947 - 2017

History - Congresses, Fairs, Meetings
1947 - Amsterdam - Preliminary conference
1948 - Copenhagen - 1st Congress1949 - London - 2nd Congress1950 - Paris - 3rd Congress1951 - Brussels - 4th Congress1952 - Geneva - 5th Congress1953 - Milan - 6th Congress1954 - Vienna - 7th Congress1955 - New York - 8th Congress1956 - London - 9th Congress1957 - Munich - 10th Congress1958 - London - 11th Congress1959 - New York - 12th Congress1960 - Scheveningen - 13th Congress1961 - Paris - 14th Congress1962 - Basel - 15th Congress1963 - Brussels - 16th Congress1964 - Ravenna - 17th Congress
1965 - Amsterdam - 1st International Book Fair
1965 - Stuttgart - Presidents' Meeting
1966 - Vienna - 18th Congress1967 - San Francisco - 19th Congress and 2nd International Book Fair1968 - Amsterdam - 3rd International Book Fair
1968 - London - Presidents' Meeting
1969 - Copenhagen - 20th Congress
1970 - Paris - Presidents' Meeting
1971 - London - 21st Congress and 4th International Book Fair
1972 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
1973 - Tokyo - 22nd Congress and 5th International Book Fair
1974 - Turin - Presidents' Meeting
1975 - Amsterdam - 23rd Congress and 6th International Book Fair
1976 - Brussels - Presidents' Meeting
1977 - Düsseldorf - 7th International Book Fair
1978 - Zurich - 25th Congress and 8th International Book Fair
1979 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
1980 - New York - 26th Congress and 9th International Book Fair
1981 - Kyoto - Presidents' Meeting
1982 - Amsterdam - Presidents' Meeting
1983 - Stockholm - Presidents' Meeting
1984 - London - 27th Congress and 10th International Book Fair
1985 - Munich - Presidents' Meeting
1986 - Venice - 28th Congress and 11th International Book Fair
1987 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
1988 - Paris - 29th Congress and 12th International Book Fair
1989 - Yverdon - Presidents' Meeting
1990 - Tokyo - 30th Congress and 13th International Book Fair
1991 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
1992 - Cologne - 31st Congress and 14th International Book Fair
1993 - Los Angeles - Presidents' Meeting
1994 - Amsterdam - 32nd Congress and 15th International Book Fair
1995 - Brussels - Presidents' Meeting
1996 - Los Angeles - 33rd Congress and San Francisco, 16th International Book Fair
1997 - Sydney - Presidents' Meeting
1998 - Vienna - 34th Congress and 17th International Book Fair
1999 - Florence - Presidents' Meeting
2000 - Edinburgh - 35th Congress and 18th International Book Fair
2001 - Boston - Presidents' Meeting
2002 - Scandinavia - 36th Congress and 19th International Book Fair
2003 - Potsdam - Presidents' Meeting
2004 - Melbourne - 37th Congress and 20th International Book Fair
2005 - Montréal - Presidents' Meeting
2006 - Wilmington - Presidents' Meeting
2006 - New York - 21st International Book Fair
2007 - Paris - Presidents' Meeting
2008 - Madrid - 38th Congress and 22nd International Book Fair
2009 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
2010 - Bologna - 39th Congress and 23rd International Antiquarian Book Fair
2011 - Weimar - Presidents' Meeting
2012 - Lucerne, Zurich - 40th Congress and 24th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2013 - Siena - Presidents' Meeting
2014 - Paris - 41th ILAB Congress and 25th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2015 - Seville - Presidents' Meeting
2016 - Budapest - 42nd ILAB Congress and 26th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2017 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
2018 - Los Angeles - 43rd ILAB Congress

(Picture: Presidents' Meeting in Vienna, October 2009)
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LET'S PUT THE R A R E IN THE UNESCO WORLD BOOK & COPYRIGHT DAY! The UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated all over the world with a series of amazing events promoting the essence of reading and the culture of the book. On April 23, 2015, this day will be a special day for ILAB. In cooperation with UNESCO ILAB affiliates will organize Pop Up Book Fairs across the world. Starting the day in Australia, the fairs will open their doors in unusual places one after another from Australia to Asia, South Africa, Europe and the United States. There are only three things you need to do to organize an ILAB Pop Up Fair: Find a venue, set up some tables ... Invite colleagues to participate ... Invite your customers to come ... ... and get it started!
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