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The Best Lack All Conviction. Part 1

Publié le 17 Juil. 2012
For some reason (and this is what I'm thinking about, not how people don't understand me and I must run off and play some Smiths), people are happy, ecstatic even to buy a car, or a watch, or a vase or a pair of shoes for enough money to feed me for six months … but when they look at a book; they don't see it. It doesn't say "You want me. I'm your treasure." It doesn't make them not want to eat for six months so they can own it ... Apart from feeling like I'd failed slightly, as if I'd somehow let down my vocation by not being able to represent it properly (a recurring theme), it occurred to me that my world is an arrogant one in many respects. Rare book people can often be like teenagers in love, they'll burn the world down for the objects of their desire. Which made me ask; why? Why are we like this?
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73 - 81 / 171

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PODCAST: Fairytales in Australia - feat. ILAB bookseller Douglas Stewart

Earlier in the week, the Australian history radio programme, "The History Listen" spoke to Melbourne bookseller Douglas Stewart and the magic of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite's illustrations and paintings which brought fairies to life for generations of Australian children.
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“Only one word is needed – integrity”

Who wins the FIFA World Cup 2010? Spain? Argentina? Brazil? Italy? Or Ghana? Will England loose the penalty shootout? Does Germany reach the semi-finals without Michael Ballack? In three weeks the football world looks to South Africa. We have talked with a South African dealer about the most important thing besides football: rare books.
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Medieval Beauties, Revolutions, Mutinies, and Modern Art

The first event of the bibliophile's year, and one of the most traditional – From January 29 to 31, exhibitors from Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands offer masterpieces of book art and milestones in the history of ideas at the 49th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair.
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Rare Books on the Blog - Manuscript Road Trip: Mappa Mundi Wisconsinianae

Lisa Fagin Davis is currently serving as Acting Executive Director of the Medieval Academy of America. Since 1996 she has been travelling through North America collecting data on the numbers and cataloguing status of pre-1600 manuscripts. Her blog Manuscript Road Trip takes readers on a (virtual) state-by-state tour of manuscripts focusing on less-well-known collections, some of them in very surprising locations. Read her recent blog post
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ILAB bookseller Heather O'Donnell on the joys of buying, selling and collecting books

Nigel Beale's literary podcasts "The Biblio File" are much loved. In this episode Nigel speaks to ILAB / ABAA bookseller Heather O'Donnell in NYC.
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