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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
Grolier Club NY

Bibliography Week New York 21 - 25 January 2020

Publié le 14 Jan. 2020
BIBLIOGRAPHY WEEK happens each year in New York City at the end of January when the principal national organizations devoted to book history have their annual meetings. Other groups plan interesting events, too, since so many bibliophiles are in town. Some events (not noted here) are open to members only, but mostly you are encouraged to show up everywhere: get a sense of what is going on in the book world, hear some interesting papers, schmooze over cocktails ...
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Rare Book Fair Stuttgart

Germany's Rare Book Fair Stuttgart, 24th – 26th January 2020: Growing number of international firms, an expanded events programme and the new Young Collectors' Award

Publié le 06 Jan. 2020
The Rare Book Fair Stuttgart is proud to announce the patronage of the Lord Mayor of Stuttgart. 75 German and international dealers will present a variety of material from illuminated manuscripts, and incunabula to rare books, autographs, illustrated works and graphic art of the 20th century.
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Les Enluminures Podcast

PODCAST "The Collector and the Dealer"

Publié le 29 Nov. 2019
Sandra Hindman is owner and founder of "Les Enluminures" with galleries in Chicago, Paris and New York specialising in manuscripts and miniatures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the gallery also handles rings and jewelry from the same periods. In this podcast Sandra has invited collector Benjamin Zucker and looks at their roles and relationship as dealer and collector. While this podcast focusses on the current "Diamonds" exhibition, it also reveals the fascination to collect, the handling of manuscripts and the knowledge needed to deal in historical items.
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1 - 8 / 1844

Mémoire du passé

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ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography receives further generous donation of US$25,000 from B.H. Breslauer Foundation

The endowment of the ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography has recently been funded with a further generous donation of $25,000 from the B.H. Breslauer Foundation of New York — Submissions are currently being accepted for the 2022 prizes.
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How I Became a Bibliophile and Other Diverse Matters

It is a pleasure to be talking to you this evening. When Dianne and Kay generously invited me to speak to the Society, many different topics came to mind. I will attempt to cover several of them: how I became a bibliophile; some highpoints of my bibliophilia, with a focus on two books of special importance to me, both of them published anonymously; how I came to write Rare; some points about Rare; and a few final remarks about the future of books. Covering all these topics in 25 minutes might be difficult. We will soon see whether I can fit all these clowns into one Volkswagen. - Transcript of a talk given by Stuart Kells at a gathering of the Redmond Barry Society at Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller in Collins Street, Melbourne
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'Med gamle bøker mot en ny tid' - 'With old books in modern times': 75 Years Norwegian Association

"Through the association the trade has organized themselves as managers and intermediaries of the cultural heritage of books. While the books are waiting for their new owners, it is the antiquarians that take care of them. It is they who bring about the material remains of our literary heritage to new readers, to collectors and institutions. Thus they secure great cultural values for the future, and they distinguish between the valuable and the worthless, between the inalienable and waste paper. Hence the antiquarians contribute, not only to preserve the cultural heritage; they also to a large extent, contribute to define it."
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The Most Progressive Magazine of its Time, a Work of Art

"In Holland, the birthplace of De Stijl, modernism took various routs that ran the aesthetic gamut from hybridized Art Nouveau to systematic rationalism. Somewhere between these poles was the magazine Wendingen (Upheaval), one of the principal sources for the chronicling of twentieth-cetury design and architecture." The famous Dutch magazine Wendingen, published between 1918 and 1931, was dedicated to modern architecture and design. Stephen J. Gertz describes its influences on the history of art and modern aesthetics in the first half of the 20th century.
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Buying Rare and Antiquarian Books in Seoul

If you're traveling to Korea and are considering some rare book shopping, we recommend dedicating at least one full day in Seoul to explore the city's bookstores and rare books market. While most of the antiquarian bookstores specialize in Korean-language texts - in other words, you'll need to know some Korean, either written or verbal, to have a good chance of locating an author you've set out to find - several of the book-buying options in South Korea's capital city also have books written in other East Asian languages, as well as in English and other Western languages. Earlier this year, we spent a week tracking down the best rare book shopping options that the city had to offer.
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Booksellers in the Press: Taking a fresh approach to rare book sales

The Irish Times spoke to ILAB affiliated bookseller Will de Burca about social media in a rare book business, fine Irish bindings and a catalogue dedicated to the women of Ireland.
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