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Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
Salon du Livre 2019

Un salon à la page !

Publié le 18 Avril 2019
Un salon en pleine expansion... Le SALON LIVRES RARES & OBJETS D’ART qui s’est tenu sous la nef du Grand Palais du 12 au 14 avril réunissait 181 libraires dont 55 étrangers venant de 14 pays différents, et 52 experts en objets d’art.
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Provenance Symposium

ILAB Provenance Symposium now available to view online

Publié le 10 Avril 2019
Today marks the 1st International Provenance Research Day with more than 60 cultural institutions in Germany, Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland organizing large number of symposiums and workshops at museums, archives and libraries.  Coinciding with this important initiative, ILAB launches the videos of the New York Provenance Symposium.
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Mémoire du passé

Une sélection de nos archives


Bernard Amtmann (1907-1979) – Antiquarian Booksellers in Exile –

The seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 was a decisive event in the world of book collecting. Numerous dealers and collectors – among them the most famous of the trade – were murdered by the Nazis. Those who survived were forced to close their companies and to hand them over to the Nazis.
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The Art of American Book Covers - An Iconic Book Cover From 1876

Gold stamped peacock feather on blue cloth over beveled boards. It is a brilliant example of the engraver's art - both in the quality of technique used to execute it, and the illumination that emanates from the image. The extremely fine detailing in the stamping die makes the image shimmer as the book is held, with even slight movements causing one part or another to flash more brightly, and creates illusionistic dimensionality with flat gold stamping that made me touch it to see if it's embossed.
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How to Identify First Editions from G.P. Putnam's Sons

Since its inception in 1838, G.P. Putnam's Sons have grown into one of the most respected - and controversial - publishing houses in the United States. In 1996, the publishing house became an imprint of the Penguin Group and continues to publish the works of outstanding authors of both fiction and non-fiction.
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Radio Feature - Bayrische Regionalbibliotheken - in German language

Bayerns Bibliotheken sind weit mehr als nur Aufbewahrungsorte für Bücher. Sie sind geistige Tankstellen und gleichzeitig Orte der Begegnung. Darüber hinaus hat jede einzelne von ihnen neben ihrer ganz eigenen Geschichte unterhaltsame und spannende Geschichten zu erzählen, denen Birgit Fürst in ihrem einstündigen Zeit-für-Bayern-Feature nachspürt, das am 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag 2016 auf Bayern 2 ausgestrahlt wurde. Gleich zu Beginn der Sendung nimmt der Fotograf der Staatsbibliothek Bamberg, Gerald Raab, die Hörer mit in die Keller der Bibliothek, wo er wertvollste Handschriften digitalisiert. Direktorin Bettina Wagner lässt später die Büchersammlung des wittelsbachischen Herzogs Karl II. August von Pfalz-Zweibrücken in all ihrer Pracht vor dem geistigen Auge des Zuhörers erstehen. Schließlich erlebt der Hörer staunend, welch hohe Präzision und große Geduld Buchbinderin Regine Ullein beim Restaurieren alte Karten aufbringt.
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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Steampunk'd at The Private Library

Take something that lots of folks today consider very cool and/or sexy - various types of advanced technology, for example - and move it to a setting that has the historical reputation of being excessively ... "rigid" - Victorian England, for example - and you have one of science fiction's (and fantasy's) most popular sub-genres, steampunk.
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