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Résultats: 1 - 8 / 1859


Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les livres rares et le commerce des livres anciens
1 - 8 / 1859

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Dans les années quatre-vingts, les congrès biannuels attiraient plusieurs centaines de délégués. Une certaine quantité de questions y étaient traitées (les sujets les plus récurrents concernaient les standards de collation, la formation des nouveaux libraires et nos relations avec les salles de vente).
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The Old Turk’s Load – Greg Gibson will sign his new novel at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair

Greg Gibson – rare book dealer, proprietor of Ten Pound Island Book Company, ABAA member, and a distinguished author – has just released his new noir crime novel "The Old Turk's Load". The story, which takes place in 1967 Manhattan, is highly praised by the New York Journal of Books. Greg will be exhibiting at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair this weekend and will be signing copies of his new novel, with all profits going to the ABAA's Benevolent Fund. In his blog Bookman's Log he writes about the fair, his novel and New York in the Sixties and today.
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Do you know Bouba & Zaza?

Bouba and Zaza are the heroes of a series of children's books initiated by UNESCO and conceived to help children in South Sudan develop life and socialization skills. The Bouba and Zaza series cover subjects affecting the lives of African families that parents are sometimes reluctant to address. These include various topics such as war and conflict, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the issue of water resources and environmental protection. #WBCD2015
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Last Saturday, the "heart of literacy" lay in Baden, next to Vienna. Dr. Paul Kainbacher launched the ILAB Pop Up Week in his antiquarian bookshop with a Bibliophile Evening dedicated to rare books on the history and exploration of Africa. The elegant rooms were crowded with books and visitors who enjoyed the lectures given by Walter Sauer and Martin Peter Pfitscher, both renowned authors and leading experts from the University of Vienna. Walter Sauer, Professor of Economic and Social History, compared Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" with the experiences of Austrian travelers to Central Africa, while Martin Peter Pfitscher, specialist in Ethnology, took the visitors on a photographic tour to Africa seen through the lense of author, adventurer and photographer Oscar Baumann.
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