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Congrès et Rencontres

2017 - Copenhagen

Publié le 16 Août 2017
Every year, the presidents of all 22 national antiquarian bookseller’s associations that form the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), meet at the President’s Meeting or an ILAB Congress. For 2017, the Danish Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association ABF has invited the international rare book trade to Copenhagen. This will be a week of formal meetings with reports and updates from each country, but it is also a week of exchanging ideas with colleagues, networking and a programme to visit some of Copenhagen’s cultural and bibliophile treasures!
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1 - 8 / 117

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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Admirable Artifice: John Napier’s Mirifici logarithmorum

John Napier discovered the logarithm — at least, he was one of several in the early seventeenth century to understand the principles behind logarithms, and the first to publish the fruits of his research in Mirifici logarithmorum.
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Collecting Indigenous Sámi Literature

If you've read anything about Sámi culture or literature recently, it may have been through Vendela Vida's novel Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name: A Novel (2007). While many works of indigenous literature have received international acclaim over the last century, Sámi fiction and poetry has remained relatively obscured from global readership. In case you're not familiar with Sámi history or culture, we can give you a brief background. The Sámi are an indigenous group with geographic ties to the Arctic regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.
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An Interview with … A Record Breaking Rare Book School Attendee! (Who also Happens to be the Head of Tavistock Books)

The Lord and Master of Tavistock Books recently finished his 21st course at Rare Book School in Charlottesville, Virginia, having started this love-affair back in 1998! To know more, read on!
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Barbara Grigor-Taylor

“The only difficulty I've ever had in my life is keeping up with myself.” Barbara Grigor-Taylor is a trans-oceanic sailor, mountaineer and travel bookseller of inter Continental experience. She is no armchair traveller, and little has fallen into her lap. It has been a hard but exhilarating career with some daunting ups and downs which Barbara has negotiated with the agility of a mountaineer. “If someone puts a brick wall in front of me, I'll go over it.”
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