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Online: Roman numerals - Roman numeral year dates - Roman numerals - Ecclesiastical Calendar - Shin Hanga Date Translation
Publié le 18 Déc. 2009

Roman numerals

History of Roman numerals, and a « Handy Roman numeral converter »

Roman numeral year dates

For those who don’t want to count: complete list with year dates written in Roman numerals, from the 15th to the 20th century.

Roman numerals

More than a numeral converter: the website explains the differences between the Gregorian, Roman and Julian calendar.

Ecclesiastical Calendar

Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar: Easter, feasts related or not related to Easter, The Annunciation, Epiphany, The Solemnity of Mary etc etc etc

Shin Hanga Date Translation

Translating dates is an essential skill for shin hanga collectors. The period during which shin hanga prints flourished was a time of cultural transition, with increasing Western influence on the Japanese lifestyle. While most text was presented from right to left, some margin inscriptions read from the left, in the Occidental manner. Sometimes, compound numbers were represented in the Western base-10 number system, as opposed to the traditional method of building compound numbers. Both of these changes have since become the norm in modern Japanese written and printed text. However, the ambiguous set of rules, at the time, led to a virtual free-for-all in how dates were constructed. This websites shows how to read dates in the standard format.

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