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The World of Walter Crane

decoration21 Sept. 2015|19 Dec. 2015
Exploring the various aspects of Walter Crane's career: The English artist Walter Crane (1845-1915) is best known for the colorful illustrations he created for a series of toy books – small, inexpensive books for children – that retold fairy tales or nursery rhymes or taught counting or the letters of the alphabet. He was also a prolific illustrator of other kinds of work, both texts of his own composition and works by others. In addition he painted in watercolor and oil, designed wallpapers, stained glass, and ceramics, and published books on the principles of design and decoration. He sometimes worked with his friends Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris, and he contributed the illustrations for one book printed at Morris’s Kelmscott Press. A practitioner and supporter of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Crane shared Morris’s socialist views on the nature of English society and the role that art and handicraft should play in society.

The Caroline Miller Parker Collection of Works by Walter Crane at Houghton Library is one of the largest and most important collections, it includes not only Crane's published works, but also paintings, manuscripts, sketchbooks, and large numbers of preparatory drawings for illustration.

(Picture: Houghton Library)


21 Sept. 2015|19 Dec. 2015
Edison and Newman Room, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Houghton Library
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