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decoration10 Dec. 2021|12 Dec. 2021

It is necessary to take up the challenge imposed by the pandemic with regard to the organisation of fairs and to maintain the link between booksellers, collectors and institutions, by proposing solutions that allow booksellers to be visible through qualitative events.


Adopting the ILAB motto "Amor librorum nos unit", the French Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association - SLAM, has developed a website to connect booksellers and collectors from all over the world through recurrent digital activities over the coming months:

2 e-salons will take place throughout the year, in spring and winter.

The exhibitors of the e-salons are all members of SLAM or affiliated to the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, ILAB, guaranteeing highest standards and the only international label for old and rare books.

Each exhibitor will present a selection of curious and attractive books: "the bookseller's choice".

All periods and specialities will be represented, the best from all fields awaits collectors and neophytes alike: old and modern books, ephemera or periodicals, bindings, autographs, drawings, photographs or prints, atlases and maps.

The SLAM e-salon offers a wonderful opportunity to enrich the relationship with collectors, according to the motto of SLAM’s virtual fairs :
“Enrichir vos collections, cultiver votre curiosité” - "Build your collections, nurture your curiosity" 

All ILAB booksellers are invited to join. Please contact the SLAM office.



10 Dec. 2021|12 Dec. 2021
SLAM Syndicat national de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne
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