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Silver Screen/Silver Prints: Hollywood Glamour Portraits from the Robert Dance Collection

decoration14 Sept. 2011|12 Nov. 2011
An exhibition of vintage Hollywood photography tracing the careers of the leading photographers and many of the great stars of the “Golden Age” of motion pictures. 

The studio portrait was the first step in the evolution of the star. Long before a hopeful actor was given a screen test, portraits were taken to determine the camera appeal of new faces. Once a player had appeared successfully on screen, the portrait photographer set about developing and refining an image that could be translated to the screen for public consumption. In her American screen debut, Garbo triumphed with audiences as no other new actress has done before or since. But it was Ruth Harriet Louise, behind the scenes in the MGM portrait studio, who molded Garbo’s persona. The movies may have made the stars, but still photographs made them icons. 


14 Sept. 2011|12 Nov. 2011
47 East 60th Street
New York
The Grolier Club (curated by Anne H. Hoy)
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