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Salon International du Livres Ancien de Paris (SLAM)

decoration16 April 2010|18 April 2010

An elegant venue, exquisite offers from the high-end of the rare book trade, nearly 200 rare book and print dealers from France, Argentina, USA, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, and Monaco – the Paris International Antiquarian Book Fair is one of the most prestigious events throughout the world.

Rendez-vous avec les trésors de notre patrimonie culturel

Guest library of 2010 is the Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Médicine (BIUM). The beginnings of BIUM go hand in hand with the history of the School of Medicine, founded in the 13th century. The oldest document conserved at the BIUM dates from 1395.  The heritage collections are among the three richest in the world, alongside the National Library of Medicine (USA)  and the Wellcome Institute in London. Medical treatises since the Renaissance, Paris medical dissertations since the 16th century, 23.000 French and foreign revues can be consulted there. The BIUM will have the pleasure of presenting a selection of its most beautiful pieces which illustrate the history of Western medicine at the Grand Palais.

Conferences, Round Tables

Friday, April 16, 2 pm- Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Médecine

The conference will centre around the presentation of the library's history, its collections and its activities.

Friday, April 16, 4 pm - The body: representations and historical practices

Throughout history, the body has clearly been a variously depicted object. Its practices and its objects are numerous and varied: foods, diseases, games, expressions, appearances, clothing and places of residence. There are some unifying representations which are recognizable from each time period. They concern the functioning of the body, the vision of its qualities and capabilities. They have a history. The presentation Georges Vigarello will seek to give an overall vision of the subject, working from a series of books, images and other more concrete examples.

Friday, April 16, noon-2 pm - What is an artist's publication today?

Round Table with Yves Chaudouët, Christophe Daviet-Thery, Elza Lacotte, Marie Boivent, Stephen Wright

Exhibitions, Events

CARAN D’ACHE: partner of the fair

For the first time this year, the Maison de Haute Écriture Caran d’Ache is a partner of the Antiquarian Book Fair. The Éditions Limitées Caran d’Ache, which express the rareness and talent of the greatest creators and goldsmiths, will be prominently featured beneath the glass framework of the Grand Palais.

Discovering Antiquarian Books

On the collective stand "Discovering Antiquarian Books", the booksellers show how fine books and small budgets can work together presenting collectible and important works with antique bindings at friendly prices.

Guided Tours

A discovery tour to unearth the riches of the Fair. Daily guided tours during the three days of the Fair will be organised by SLAM members.

Friends of the Original Binding

The Société de la Reliure Originale was created in 1945 to encourage bookbinders who do original work. In 1979, the Society changed its name to Friends of the Original Binding (Les Amis de la Reliure Originale, ARO). Since then, the ARO has organised important events in: Monaco in 1983, the Grolier-Club of New York (1987), the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal on contemporary American bookbinding (1990), the Maison de la poésie with a meeting of bookbinders on books illustrated by Picasso (1991), the B.H.V.P., the exhibitions of Max Jacob in his books (1994) and the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of their association (1995). At this year's International Antiquarian Book Fair, the ARO is pleased to present a collection of contemporary bindings from private collections at the Grand Palais, signed by the finest decorators, such as Georges Leroux, Monique Mathieu, Jean de Gonet, Renaud Vernier, Jean Knoll, Brigitte Benoist, François Brindeau, Frère Edgard Claes, Philippe Fié, Nobuko Kiyomiya, Daniel Knoderer, Florent Rousseau, Alain Taral, Anick Butré.
Prestigious Art Schools of the Ministry of Culture and Communication

What is an artist publication? Recent years have seen the emergence of a profusion of student and graduate publications from among the 58 prestigious art schools under the pedagogical auspices of the Minister of Culture and Communication. With a large variety of formats, supports and concepts, often characterised by greatly limited funds, they often call into question the future of artists' publications. The International Antiquarian Book, Print and Drawing Fair, is a prestigious vector for the exhibition, offering visibility for this production. Books, posters, postcards, etc., conceived of by art school students, are laid out on simple tables. The public can freely consult the publications and ask for information about how and where they were made.
The Big Book of PARIS

The cartography of performance by Aprille Best Glover is a project which explores the relation between books and sculpture. Paris is the theme for the project in a few of its nearly infinite facets: Paris as a geographical zone, Paris as a city of books, Paris as natural habitat for the " flâneur ", Paris as tourist icon, Paris as home to its inhabitants.

Bibliography Prize

Each year, the SLAM presents a Bibliography Prize to a recently published bibliographic work of quality in the French language. This prize will be awarded for the occasion of the International Antiquarian Book Fair on Saturday, April 17 at 6 pm.


Concerts everyday during the Fair.

More information

Exhibitors 2010

La Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de médecine (BIUM): invitée d'honneur du Salon International du Livre Ancien 2010 - An interview with library director Guy Cobolet, by Anne-Marie Coulon

Fréderic Castaing and Alain Nicolas show the high spots of the Salon International du Livre Ancien 2009


16 April 2010|18 April 2010
Avenue Winston Churchill
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