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The Romantic Agony - Books, Autographs, Prints

decoration19 Nov. 2010|20 Nov. 2010

Exceptional private collection of 18th- and 19th-c objects for personal devotion : reliquaries and small altar-like constructions, images of popular saints dressed up, representations of the Garden of Eden,  drawings or prints on paper or vellum, with added fabric or embroidery, Agnus Dei scenery, canivets, statues of Our Lady in bell-jars, holy-water fonts.  Manuscripts and miniatures: “Homiliarium, 15th c., illuminated fragment of the Gradual of Louis XII and Anne of Brittany, “membra disiecta”, fragments taken out of bindings 12th-15th c.  Sciences 16th-20th c.: i.a. Verbiest, Typus eclipsis lunae, Peking 1671.  Astronomy, botany, mathematics, natural sciences.  Old books 16th-18th c.: Erasmus, Plantin, Estienne, Elzevier Press, postincunables, Neolatin poetry, emblems, medicine.  French Revolution and the First French Empire.  19th-20th c. books: i.a. 49 orig. gouaches by Manuel Orazzi for Théodora by Charles Diehl, Les Essais by Montaigne, ill. by Louis Jou  painted binding  Mercier.  Paintings, drawings and etchings (Brueghel, Dürer, Rembrandt,Ensor).  Maps, atlases, travels.  Photographs.  Popular books and songs. Hunting, horses.

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19 Nov. 2010|20 Nov. 2010
Rue de l’Aqueduc 40
The Romantic Agony Book & Print Auctions
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