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Rare Book School - Ann Blair, David D. Hall: Book Production and Social Practice in Early Modern Europe and America

decoration06 Dec. 2015|11 Dec. 2015
Working outward from the material book, this course will highlight the unique value of book history in the study of culture, religion, and politics of the early modern period. Case studies will range from Europe, to England, and North America c.1500–1800, and will include John Foxe’s book of martyrs, the Essais of Montaigne, and the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Each student will also work closely with one historical source selected by the instructors based on his or her special interests, culminating in a brief presentation to the group on Friday.  The course will consider especially how authority was constructed and the author portrayed in different contexts and genres. Topics to be discussed: patronage and the financing of publication, the uses of manuscript and forms of manuscript publication, textual variations in print, censorship, and the many manifestations of social hierarchy in the handpress era.


06 Dec. 2015|11 Dec. 2015
Houghton Library / Harvard Art Museums
Cambridge, MA
Rare Book School
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