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A Place of Reading - Three Centuries of Reading in America

decoration01 Aug. 2010|31 July 2011

“A goal of this exhibition, and one of the goals of the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) itself, is to engage scholars in the study of the history of the book.  The history of reading is but one component of this broad and dynamic field of scholarship.  It is also an exceptionally difficult one.  In highlighting the locations where individuals performed the act of reading in America, through the use of images and objects from the AAS collections, we hope to tell a story.  It is not a definitive story by any means, but a story of three centuries' worth of individuals 'caught' in the act of reading in homes, taverns, libraries, military camps, parlors, kitchens, and beds, among other places.” (American Antiquarian Society)

You can view the exhibition as a website – and as a book!  The American Antiquarian Society has also started a blog: “Addenda. A Place of Reading”

>>> Addenda


01 Aug. 2010|31 July 2011
American Antiquarian Society (AAS)
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