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Papier Biennale 2012

decoration02 Sept. 2012|25 Nov. 2012

Books that fall out of windows - this is one of the spectacular art works presented at the Papier Biennale in Den Haag from 2nd September to 25th November 2012. The exhibition, a cooperation of the Museum Meermanno and the Museum Rijswijk, shows art works made of books or made of paper. All sculptures, installations and movies were done by internationally renowned artists such as Alicia Martin who created an enormous stream of books floating out of a window. Ebon Heath created “visual poems” with paper, while the French and Dutch artists Jérome Corgiers and Ros Rixons designed “letter sculptures” and Peter Collingridge made a movie in which books play the leading roles. While the art works presented at the Museum Meermanno focus on artistic aspects, the Museum Rijswijk concentrates on sculpture and paper production with fascinating works and organic forms by Michael Hansmeyer, Katsumi Hayakawa, Eric Gjerdes und Frits Achtens.


02 Sept. 2012|25 Nov. 2012
Prinsessegracht 30
Museum Meeermanno (in cooperation with Museum Rijswijk)
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