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New York Antiquarian Book Fair (ABAA)

decoration08 April 2010|11 April 2010

“Wandering the aisles of the annual Antiquarian Book Fair, at the Park Avenue Armory, is like being a fly on the wall at the ultimate dinner party,” observes the New York Times. Two hundred of the world’s finest dealers bring together their rare books, manuscripts, autographs, maps, finely bound volumes and ephemera to make up the oldest and most prestigious book fair. With something for everyone, the grand scale of this exhibition and sale includes collections in all specialties, including: History, Law, Music, Dance, Fashion, Gastronomy, Children’s Books, Art and Philosophy. The Annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair is sponsored by the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America.


Thursday, April  8   5 pm - 9 pm


Friday, April 9, 2010 4.30 pm

Nicholas Basbanes: exclusive book signing of his just published new work.

Saturday, April 10, 2010 1 pm

Stuart Lutz: exclusive book signing of "The Last Leaf: Voices of History's last-known Survivors". Lutz has recorded survivors' oral histories from many famous historical events. 

Sunday, April 11    noon - 3 pm

Discovery Day


to the New York Book Fair Search Engine

Abeceda Antiquariat, E11
Acanthus Books, A27
Charles Agvent, E24
Antiquariat Aix-La-Chapelle, D6
Aleph-Bet Books, C1
Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps, & Books, D27
Libreria De Antano, C6
Antipodean Books, Maps and Prints, A42
Appledore Books, A11
Ars Libri, A46
James Arsenault & Company, A8
A. Asher & Co., A16
Athena Rare Books, D19
Austin's Antiquarian Books, A24
B&B Rare Books, A36
Librairie Le Bail, A38
Antiquariat Banzhaf, B8
Bartleby's Books, A30
Bauman Rare Books, A6
Antiquariat Reinhold Berg, C20
David Bergman, A12
Jeff Bergman Books, A27
Between The Covers, C5
Biblioctopus, D8
Blackwell's Rare Books, E13
The Bookpress, C22
Books of Wonder, A32
Thomas G. Boss Fine Books, E18
Boston Book Company, A3
Antiquariat Botanicum, E20
Ian Brabner, D20
Marilyn Braiterman, A29
David Brass Rare Books, E19
Librairie Alain Brieux, E17
Bromer Booksellers, C9
Buddenbrooks, C2
Clive A. Burden, B20
Pablo Butcher, B10
Caliban Bookshop, A30
Brian Cassidy Bookseller, B17
Certain Books, A24
Rodolphe Chamonal, A19
Chez Les Libraires Associes, E14
Cohen & Taliaferro, E2
Librairie Pierre Coumans, B25
Crawford Doyle Booksellers, E43
Justin Croft Antiquarian Books, B7
Cultured Oyster Books, D9
Cumberland Rare Books, A8
James Cummins Bookseller, A2
Robert Dagg Rare Books, B28
Stephen Daiter Books, E26
Derringer Books, E22
DeWolfe & Wood, B11
Enchanted Books, A40
Les Enluminures, C4
Estates of Mind, C2
Joseph J. Felcone, B12
Dr. A. Fluehmann GMBH, D15
Libairie Benoit Forgeot, C15
Antiquariaat Forum, C21
Paul Foster, E31
Librairie Fourcade, C28
Francis Edwards, E6
Rodger Friedman Rare Book Studio, E4
Antiquariat Winfried Geisenheyner, B10
Gekoski Booksellers, B23
Franklin Gilliam Rare Books, E15
Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books, C19
Nicholas Goodyer, E8
Libreria Alberto Govi, C26
Peter Grosell, Antiquarian Bookseller, A25
Dr. Joern Guenther Rare Books, E5
Harper's Books, A5
Adrian Harrington Rare Books, B19
Peter Harrington Antiquarian Bookseller, D31
Harteveld Rare Books, A23
Donald A. Heald Rare Books, Prints and Maps, A1
Leen Helmink Antique Maps, E29
Heritage Book Shop, A31
High Ridge Books, A28
Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, D17
Jeff Hirsch Books, A14
Historicana, D18
Hunersdorff Rare Books, B13
Imperial Fine Books, D4
Antiquariat INLIBRIS, C7
James S. Jaffe Rare Books, C19
Johanson Rare Books, D29
Johnnycake Books, E9
Jonkers Rare Books, E35
Antiquariaat Junk, B5
Priscilla Juvelis, D15
Kaaterskill Books, E10
Seth Kaller, B21
The Kelmscott Bookshop, D29
Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller, D25
John W. Knott Jr. Bookseller, E25
Kotte Autographs, C7
Kuenzig Books, A23
L & T Respess Books, D21
Librairie Lardanchet, B2
The Lawbook Exchange, E39
David M. Lesser Fine Antiquarian Books, E12
Librairie 213, D22
Locus Solus Rare Books, A21
Ken Lopez Bookseller, C3
Lorne Bair Rare Books, B6
J & J Lubrano, Music Antiquarians, D3
Lucius Books, E31
Stuart Lutz Historic Documents, A15
Lux Mentis, Booksellers, B17
Herman H.J. Lynge, B9
George S. MacManus, D28
Maggs Bros, B1
Jeffrey H. Marks Rare Books
Jeffrey D. Mancevice, A16
Marlborough & Pickering Rare Books, C22
Marninart, E37
Bruce Marshall Rare Books, C13
Martayan Lan, E21
E.M. Maurice Books, A18
Patrick McGahern Books, E8
Bruce McKittrick Rare Books, C27
Media Riquier Rare Books, C12
Libreria Antiquaria Mediolanum, A33
Midway Rare Books, E27
Moirandat Company, C15
Howard S. Mott, B3
Frederik Muller Rare Books, B15
Musinsky Rare Books, C11
Antiquariat F. Neidhardt, A9
Niederer Architectural Books, A18
Librairie Michele Noret, E14
Old Editions, D13
Old New York Book Shop, D18
Reed Orenstein Rare Books, B8
Page Books, D23
Palinurus Antiquarian Books, B4
Libreria Antiquaria Lucia Panini, C26
Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company, E28
Elizabeth Phillips, B29
Nigel Phillips, C24
Libreria Philobiblon, C17
Pickering & Chatto, A34
Phillip J. Pirages Rare Books, A3
Il Polifilo Libri Rari, A33
Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco, C17
Libraire Monsieur Le Prince, C18
Productive Arts, E9
Jean-Baptiste de Proyart Expert, A17
Quaker Hill Books, E43
Bernard Quaritch, C31
Quill & Brush, E23
The Raab Collection, C10
Studio Bibliografico Paolo Rambaldi, C29
Matthew Raptis & Co., Booksellers, A13
William Reese Company, D1
JoAnn Reisler, D5
B & L Rootenberg Rare Books, B18
Rotes Antiquariat
Royal Books, A7
Robert H. Rubin Books, A15
Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps, A44
Rulon-Miller Books, C23
Russell Rare Books, B25
Sanctuary Books, D7
John R. Sanderson, Antiquarian Bookseller, E39
Justin G. Schiller, A22
Hellmut Schumann Antiquariat, E33
Dieter Schierenberg, A10
Second Story Books, E7
Serendipity Books
Bernard J. Shapero Rare Books, E1
Michael Sharp Rare & Antiquarian Books
Michael Silverman, E27
Sims Reed, E3
Ralph Sipper/Books, D24
Sokol Books, C8
Librairie Camille Sourget, C25
Benjamin Spademan, A4
Peter L. Stern & Co., D10
Sumner & Stillman, A26
Tamerlane Books, B20
Ten Pound Island Book Company, D21
Librairie Thomas-Scheler, A17
Michael J. Toth, Bookseller, E41
Trevian Books, E4
Librairie Ancienne Les Trois Islets, B24
University Archives, B26
Ursus Books, B31
Valentine Rare Books, A20
The Veatchs Arts of the Book, E18
Librairie Vignes, C28
John Waite Rare Books, A21
W P Watson Antiquarian Books, C11
Michael R. Weintraub, B27
E. Wharton & Co., E15
John Windle, D11
Yesterday's Gallery, A36
Roy Young, B22
Irving Zucker Art Books, D22

More information

2010 - The Fiftieth Anniversary of the New York Antiquarian Book Fair
, by Stuart Bennett

Book fairs have become such staple fodder for booksellers that it’s hard to imagine a time when they didn’t exist.  But the “First Antiquarian Book Fair,” as it was called, took place in New York from April 4-9, 1960, fifty years almost to the day before our scheduled gala event at the Park Avenue Armory from April 8-11, 2010.

2009 - A view into the showcases of Ken Lopez exhibiting at the 49th New York Antiquarian Book Fair in April 2009

"THE BEST BOOK FAIR IN THE WORLD" - Andy Rooney in 60 Minutes on CBS

Why the ABAA?
Bibi Mohamed, Tom Congalton, Helen Younger, Ken Karmiole, Rick Gekoski, Ken Lopez, Kevin MacDonnell about the advantages of being part of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America.


08 April 2010|11 April 2010
643 Park Avenue, at 67th Street
New York, NY
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