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National Library of Denmark - Treasures in the Royal Library

decoration13 Feb. 2016|18 March 2017

Highlights of 1400 years of cultural history

An exhibition of the finest, most beautiful, most important and valuable of the Royal Library's treasures 

From the oldest manuscripts to the steadily increasing flow of digital cultural heritage online. Explore the gems from the collections in science, philosophy, mapping, music with more - or zoom in on a number of prominent Danes and look in Søren Kierkegaard's letter to his fiancee, Karen Blixen's own manuscript or Hans Christian Andersen's diary. 

Mapping and colonization
Among other things, Jørgen Brønlunds diary of the last records, before he was the last perished on Danmarksekspideditionen to Northeast Greenland in 1907 and Carsten Niebuhr's pedigree 1775-1773.

Among other things, the so-called Anger Fragment, which consists of four leaves from Saxo's own working copy of his history of Denmark, and the collections 'oldest manuscript: Gregory of Tours' Frankerkrønike from 600s.

War and struggle
Among other things, an invaluable source of medieval swordsmanship in His Thalhofers hand writing from 1459 and Frederik 2.s secret krigsbog from 1578th

Religion and philosophy
Among other things, an 8 meter long Dunhang-roll with philosophical Indian text from 800-900-century China, Maimonides' beautiful Hebrew hand-written Guide for the Perplexed and a number of works of Kierkegaard.

Literature and drama
among other things the first draft of Nobel Prize winner Johannes V. Jensen's famous novel Fall of the King and a series of papers from Hans Christian Andersen and Karen Blixen.

Among other things, an original manuscript by Johann Sebastian Bach's hand and a number of papers from composer Carl Nielsen.

Among others the original illustrations for the famous Flora Danica-work and a series of papers from the important Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Among others works by Olafur Eliasson, Jacob Holdt and Pia Arke.

A selection of library 2 million letters from, inter alia, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Miller and WA Mozart.

Among other things, beautifully decorated envelopes by Henri Matisse and excellent woodcuts by the Danish graphic artist Melchior Lorck from Turkey.


13 Feb. 2016|18 March 2017
Montana Hal
Søren Kierkegaard Plads 1
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