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National Book Auctions - Books and Ephemera. Beekeeping and Botany

decoration07 April 2013

Highlighted are rare books on beekeeping, horticulture and ornithology along with numerous signed books featuring celebrated authors and figures such as Lois Lenski, Maurice Sendak, Saul Bellow, Mary Higgins Clark, Cornelius Weygandt, Booth Tarkington, Ogden Nash and a number of others.  

Early beekeeping titles are led by works such as Bazin’s 1744 printing of “The Natural History of Bees,” the 1768 first edition of Wildman’s “A Treatise on the Management of Bees,” and the 1832 first edition of Nutt’s “Humanity to Honey Bees.”  Works from the fields of ornithology, horticulture and botany feature “American Ornithology,” published in three volumes with chromolithograph plates, and Smith’s “Mushrooms in Their Natural Habitats” accompanied by the original View-Master and reels.  Additional antique collections include hunting & fishing (including reports with plates by Denton and others), astronomy, the Civil War, theology and many others.


07 April 2013
1429 Danby Road (Route 96B)
Ithaca, NY
National Book Auctions
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