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National Book Auctions - Book, Art and Ephemera Auction – London, Faulkner, Egypt, Gorey, etc.

decoration30 Aug. 2016
This catalog features rare, antique and decorative books as well as select additions of art and ephemera. We will offer another session from the holdings of Archaeologia Books and Prints along with a substantial private collection of rare children’s books and prized modern firsts by William Faulkner.  Also of note is a sizable personal library of antique books relating to London and a group of original exhibit photographs by Margaret Bourke-White. Antique and rare books in this catalog feature numerous titles. Among the earliest examples are the Italian portfolio by Barriere, Falda and de Rossi, “Villa Pamphilia Eiusque Palatium,” produced c1650 and embellished with engravings, the 1754 printing of Hanway’s “The Revolutions of Persia,” featuring a folding map and plates, and de Clarac’s “Musee de Sculpture Antique et Moderne,” published in 1853 in six folios with engravings.  Other scarce titles include Banti and Simonetti’s “Corpus Nummorum Romanorum,” produced in eighteen volumes, and the 1834 landmark American legal treatise,  “An Introduction to the Defence of Abner Kneeland.”


30 Aug. 2016
2085 Dryden Road (Route 13)
Dryden, NY
National Book Auctions
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