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Lyon Book History Workshop

decoration04 July 2016|07 July 2016

The Lyon Book History Workshop’s main purpose is to improve skills in the interpretation and understanding of specific fields relating to our written and printed heritage. Each course is taught by a leading international expert in the field with emphasis on the study of original documents held at the Lyon Museum of the History of Printing and at the Lyon City Library.
The workshop is organised by the Institut d’histoire du livre (IHL) founded in 2001, which brings together two major rare book and printing collections and two teaching and research establishments closely involved in the history of printing and the book: Lyon City Library (BmL), Lyon Museum of the History of Printing, the École nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (enssib – LIS university) and the École nationale des chartes (ENC) in Paris.


Dr. Kristian Jensen (British Library) - Introduction to the study of incunabula

Dr. Neil Harris (University of Udine) - The Italian Renaissance book and afterwards

Monique Hulvey (Lyon City Library) - Provenance: Description and research

Dr. Sébastien Morlighem (University of Art and Design, Amiens) - The Didot and modern typography in France

Each course will consist of seminars and practical sessions, adding up to 28 hours of teaching time.


04 July 2016|07 July 2016
500 €
Institut d’histoire du livre (IHL)
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