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Ligatus Summer School 2011: Identifying and recording bookbinding structures for conservation and cataloguing

decoration26 Sept. 2011|30 Sept. 2011

The 6th Ligatus Summer School, following the success of the courses in Volos, Patmos, Thessaloniki and Wolfenbüttel, is to be held this year in collaboration with the Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini di Venezia. This year students will have the opportunity to see bindings from historic collections in the city, including the Biblioteca Marciana and otherimportant libraries. The contribution that bindings can make to our understanding of the history and culture of the book is often neglected, but they can offer insights into the study of readership, the booktrade, and the provenance of books which are often not available elsewhere. In order to realise this potential, it is important to understand not only the history of the craft but also to learn how to record what is seen in a consistent and organised way. Librarians, cataloguers, conservators, book historians and all scholars who work with early books, need therefore to understand the structure and materials of the bindings they encounter in order to be able to record and describe them.


Dr. G. Boudalis 

This session will focus upon the major structural and decorative features of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine bookbindings and their evolution in time and space. The relationship of these bindings with the early bindings of the Coptic and other Eastern Mediterranean cultures will be discussed, during lectures, slide-shows and demonstrations of real bookbindings from Venetian collections. 

Dr. A. Velios

This session will deal with the data management and storage of bookbinding descriptions. Alongside a brief reference to the relational databases this session will mainly involve discussions on a) the semantic web and XML, b) schemas and terminologies for bookbinding descriptions, c) commercial and open source software options and d) methodologies and workflows for surveying collection. 


26 Sept. 2011|30 Sept. 2011
€ 400
Ligatus Summer School, in collaboration with the Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini di Venezia
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