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Henri Godts - Antiquarian Auctions

decoration20 June 2017
Henri Godts is an antiquarian bookseller and auctioneer, based in Brussels (Belgium) The firm was established in 1997 and is a member of the International League of (ILAB) and Belgian League of Antiquarian Booksellers (CLAM).

Summary of upcoming auction, 20th June 2017:

Numerous travel accounts around the world (late 18th-start 19th c., first editions, unsophisticated copies, illustrated) : Australia, Brazil, Canada, The Caribbean, China, Egypt, Guinea, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Louisiana, Lybia, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Polynesia, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Siberia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey, etc.

Ortelius famous « Theatrum Orbis Terrarum » (coloured maps & gold heightened details, complete), Large panoramic view of Lisbon (1763, original drawing, 36 x 272 cm), Schut’s rare series of Brabant, Flanders and Zeeland, Maps & Atlases

Books of hours : from 15th century & Illuminated (one executed in Bruges for the use of Canterbury), another from 16th century printed by the Hardouins (illustrations in colour and heightened with gold), Incunabula & 16th century editions (religion, ancient history & authors), Manuscripts (Torah (?), Instruction manual to spherics and nautical astronomy)

Sciences : Apian’s famous and rare works : « Folium populi » (1st ed.), « Horoscopion » (1st ed.), « Instrumentum » (1st Latin ed.), « Cosmographia », Merian’s entemological work (illustrations in colour), Botany (Dodoens), Natural history (Buffon), Medicine, Mineralogy

Old & Modern original drawings and prints (Callot, Edelinck, Rembrandt, Ruysdal, Van de Capelle, Vanni…), Van Dyck’s iconography with 125 portraits, Hogenberg’s collection of 333 engravings (Battle of Tunis and Dutch war of independance)

Kehl’s edition of Voltaire (70 vol., vellum paper, nice set), French Modern Literature (abundantly illustrated, enriched), Photographs of American movie stars (Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh…)

Minuscula & books in nice bindings, 19th-20th c. stained glasses, Emblemata, Works on religion (illustrated Bibles), Arts, History, Hippology, Gastronomy, works, archives, postcards & maps related to Belgium


20 June 2017
Avenue de Roodebeek 70/74
Henri Godts - Antiquarian Auctions
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