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Great and Manifold: A Celebration of the Bible in English

decoration07 Feb. 2011|03 June 2011

A hundred years ago one of the most influential books in the English-speaking world was printed: the King James Version of the Bible. The King James Bible (the "Authorized Version") gave English culture and language a common set of expressions. Together with William Shakepeare's works, the King James Bible taught large segments of the Old and New Worlds how to think, comfort one another, speak, and write well. The exhibition at the Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library commemorates the influence of the King James Bible, and it celebrates the tradition from its medieval and 16th century predecessors like the Anglo-Saxon glosses of Lindisfarne or the Tyndale and Coverdale Bibles and The Great Bible, up to the present. The illustrated exhibition catalogue is edited by Pearce Carefoote of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.


07 Feb. 2011|03 June 2011
120 St. George Street
Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library
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