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Grabhorn Press: 1920-1965 and Beyond

decoration13 May 2015|01 Aug. 2015

Based in San Francisco, the Grabhorn Press was a descendant of the “arts and crafts” movement started by William Morris in England for the revival of fine printing in the late nineteenth century. Before and during the Grabhorns’ time, there were others in the United States who inherited, practiced, and innovated upon the “arts and crafts” ideals. What set the Grabhorns apart from other Americans of their era were the variety, quality, and quantity of their accomplishments.

The Grabhorn Press became one of the foremost American producers of finely-printed books from the early 1920s to the mid-1960s. The more than one hundred books and objects on display at The Grolier through summer 2015 are selected from a corpus of over 650 books and countless ephemera. They offer unprecedented insight into the Grabhorn Press’s remarkable contribution to the art of the book. The show is enhanced by important letters, design mock-ups, photographs and other archival material.

A catalogue is available.

(Picture: The Grolier Club)


13 May 2015|01 Aug. 2015
47 East 60th Street
New York
The Grolier Club
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