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Gedanken am Rande. Marginalien in Bild und Text 800-1800

decoration03 May 2015|15 Nov. 2015

This exhibition gives insight into the meaning and function of marginalia in early manuscripts, books and prints. It covers the past 1000 years in the history of writing and shows the variety of handwritten annotations which can be found in all kinds of texts: personal remarks, scientific obersations, scholarly annotations referring to the great thoughts in the history of mankind, sketches, drafts ... All those annotations show important aspects of the particular history of each book or manuscripts: it helps to identify the provenances and its places in history. Sometimes codices and early printed books are even conceived in a way that one can hardly differentiate between the original text and the annotations which had been added later.

On show are manuscripts and books from the years 800 to 1800, covering all periods of scholarship, science and book history, from the Middle Ages to the Reformation and to the Enlightenment, from Aristotle and Isidor of Seville to Leibniz and Lessing.

(Picture: Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel)


03 May 2015|15 Nov. 2015
Lessingplatz 1
Herzog August Bibliothek
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