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Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

decoration08 Aug. 2010|13 Aug. 2010

Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar with Keynote Speaker, Otto Penzler, publisher, author, and owner of the Mysterious Bookshop (New York City), Lorne Bair of Lorne Bair Rare Books (Winchester, VA), specialist in social history, 19th and 20th century American radical movements, and, Terry Belanger, 2005 MacArthur Fellow, and founder of the Rare Book School, University of Virginia.

This year's program includes:

Rob Rulon-Miller
- Opening Remarks and Introductions

Kevin Johnson
- Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Dan De Simone & Rob Rulon-Miller
- How to Handle Books

Rob Rulon-Miller & Kevin Johnson
- Bookselling 401

Dan De Simone & Steven Smith - Reference Tools for the Book Trade

Steven Smith - Bibliographic Description

Rob Rulon-Miller - Bookbinding Materials and Styles

Terry Belanger - Conservation for Booksellers

Dan De Simone - Types of Illustration

Tom Congalton & Rob Rulon-Miller - How to Catalogue a Book

Dan Gregory - Databases and Technology

Dan Gregory - Rare Book Photography

Dan DeSimone - Selling Books to Libraries

Ed Glaser and friends - Evaluating and Pricing Books

Kevin Johnson - Buying and Selling Books Using the Internet

Lorne Bair - Guest lecture

Mike Ginsberg & Kevin Johnson - Auctions

Dan Gregory - Marketing your book Business

Dan DeSimone and Rob Rulon-Miller - Assessing Archives and Collections

Alan Green/Bibliopolis & Mika Babcock/Foreseeing Solutions - Internet Independence: Website and Database Solutions for Managing Your Own Online Bookstore


08 Aug. 2010|13 Aug. 2010
Colorado Springs
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