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Book History Podcast - University of Oxford, Center for the Study of the Book

decoration03 Feb. 2014|23 Sept. 2015

The Centre for the Study of the Book at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, is now offering podcasts on book historical topics. The series is hosted by Adam Smyth. His interviews with Oxford and visiting researchers like Willi Noel and Tiffany Stern highlight the current research on the material history of the book. The first podcasts include:

February 3, 2014:

Adam Smyth talks to Professor Will Noel, director of the Kislak Center and the Schoenberg Institute, about the potentials of digital technology for the study of manuscripts.

February 23, 2014:

Professor Tiffany Stern joins Dr Adam Smyth to discuss her current research on the materiality of the early modern play text. What happens to our thinking about plays when prologues, epilogues and songs become mobile pieces, detached from the whole?

The podcast can be found on the official website of the University of Oxford. Click here!

(Picture: University of Oxford)


03 Feb. 2014|23 Sept. 2015
University of Oxford, Center for the Study of the Book
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