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Bodleian - Civil War and Restoration London lives: three new manuscript sources in the Bodleian

decoration02 May 2017
Mary Gofton's 1640s account book charts the pleasures and tribulations of a woman in Civil War London. Robert Robinson's 'Miscellany of meditations' of 1659 represents the reflections of a thinking man in his sixties who had lived through the Civil War and Commonwealth era; Jeffrey Boys's diary, kept in a small printed almanac in 1667, reveals the life of a Restoration rake who gambles and dances his way through post-Fire London. Among his dancing partners is one 'Astrea', who is none other than the female dramatist, Aphra Behn. Three very different sources, all with surprising secrets.

Speaker: Mike Webb, Bodleian Libraries


02 May 2017
Lecture Theatre, Weston Library
Bodleian Library
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