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Aus Goethes Autographensammlung. Von Kant bis Unbekannt

decoration10 July 2015|18 Oct. 2015

The exhibition at the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar shows a stunning selection of autographs and manuscripts from the collection of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It is one of the details from Goethe's live which is less well-known than the others: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe not only was one of the greatest German poets and scholars, but also a collector of historical documents. In over 25 years Goethe founded an impressive collection of over 2000 letters, musical notes and manuscripts written by famous authors, scientists, musicians, artists, philosophers, scholars, politicians, Kings, Queens and Emperors. His friends and acquaintances contributed to Goethe's collection by presenting him contemporary and historical autographs. Goethe himself archived them carefully, he worked with them, showed, for example, musical notes to musicians, and used some of his autographs as barter objects. Goethe was enthusiastic about his collection and said that each original letter or manuscript brought back to life the author who stood behind it.

Among the treasures on show at the Goethe and Schiller Archive: the manuscript of Immanual Kant's "Mittagsbüchlein" with handwritten annotations by Goethe.

The exhibition will be officially opened on 9th July, 2015, with a lecture by Eberhard Köstler.

(Picture: Goethe and Schiller Archive)


10 July 2015|18 Oct. 2015
Mittelsaal, Hans-Wahl-Straße 4
Goethe and Schiller Archive
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