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ArtistBook International

decoration17 Dec. 2010|19 Dec. 2010

For the fourth consecutive year, the Pompidou Centre will be host to ArtistBook International. Despite the singular nature of artist books and the diversity of artist publications, all these works fall within the same field and share a single artistic vision - to change approaches to art. Now in its 9th Edition, the Artistbook International Fair for artist publications and independent publishers covers the entire international contemporary art scene and attracts 54 exhibitors from a dozen countries. ArtistBook International 2010 will open with a novel and innovative venture: ArtistBook PRINT. Organized in conjunction with Paris’ Bibliothèque Kandinsky and with the support ofNeuflize Vie, ArtistBook PRINT will publish an original work by an artist chosen by the ArtistBook PRINT committee. The 2010 edition includes a Special Opening Event curated by Franck  Ancel ::: Du LIVRE de Mallarmé au livre mal armé ::: installation, screening and performances by 100 contributors. 


17 Dec. 2010|19 Dec. 2010
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