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Angela Nuovo: Gian Vincenzo Pinelli (1535-1601) and his Library: Book collecting and the Republic of Letters in Late Renaissance Italy

decoration14 Oct. 2010

With approximately 9,000 printed texts and 700 manuscripts, the library of Gian Vincenzo Pinelli is one of the most remarkable Italian book collections brought together according to the ideals of the Respublica Litteraria. To manage and make available such a vast collection, Pinelli used a complex bibliographical organization, which he perfected thanks to the study of many contemporary libraries. A library of this size offers many opportunities to learn about the writing and reading habits of a scholar of the time; it also offers a deeper look into the nature and motivations of Pinelli's atypical personality, for Pinelli's papers include notes on a broad range of subjects. They are often immediate records of thoughts, exceptionally close to speech. Angela Nuovo (Universita de Udine) will speak on this exceptional library and will discuss a few examples of the notes in which Pinelli kept scrupulous track of every fragment of conversations he had and of information he found.


14 Oct. 2010
Barker Center 133
Cambridge, MA
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