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Andrew Pettegree,“Before the Daily: Getting the News in Early Modern Europe”

decoration30 March 2011

The desire to be informed is a perennial theme of human history. Andrew Pettegree, Professor of Modern History at the University of St Andrews, discusses the development of news networks in the 16th century, the crucial period when the established news networks of mediaeval Europe were first able to exploit the power of print. What news circulated? And how? Pettegrew makes use of a new resource – the first complete survey of books published in Europe in the first age of print – to demonstrate how print infiltrated the traditional processes of news gathering and public communication, creating whole new genres of cheap print to feed a rapidly expanding market. Andrew Pettegree is author of several studies of the European Reformation. His recent monograph, "The Book in the Renaissance", was named one of the New York Times’ notable books of 2010. - The Book History Colloquium at Columbia University is open to all.


30 March 2011
523 Butler Library
New York
Book History Colloquium at Columbia University
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