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Andrea de Pasquale - La fortune du caractère Bodoni au XXe siècle

decoration24 March 2015

The printer Jean-Baptiste Bodoni (1740-1813) is famous worldwide. In Parma (Italy) he created a letter type with outstanding perfection, elegance and simplicity and printed in his Officina Bodoni the great works of science and history. Known during his lifetime throughout Europe, his books belong to the bibliophile treasures coveted by book collectores over centuries. The Bodoni letter types were imitated and reproduced in early 20th century and by the fascist regime which intended to create an "Italian" character in the style of the ancient alphabets. Today the Bodoni letter type is still widely used, even in computer font directories, in graphic design and fashion, estimated highly for its elegance and Italian style. Andrea de Pasquale, director of the Bibliothèque nationale centrale de Rome, dedicates his lecture at the École nationale des chartes to the life and work of Bodoni and his influence on the art of the book in the 20th century.

(Picture: © Andrea De Pasquale)


24 March 2015
65, rue de Richelieu
l'École nationale des chartes
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