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48th Antiquarian Seminar, Germany (VDA)

decoration13 Sept. 2018|16 Sept. 2018

Every year, the German, Austrian and Swiss associations organize a unique seminar with related excursions to bibliophile treasures in the German-speaking countries. This year's seminar will take place in Hanover, Bargfeld and Celle, opening doors to some less known places of German literary history.

To sign up, please follow this link. 

Besides the Arno Schmidt Archive, participants will also get to know the archives about Hermann Löns and Kurt Schwitters, the Eberhard Schlotter Foundation and the Leibniz Puzzle Project. The Stadtbibliothek Hanover and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library, the Kupferstichkabinett of the Hannoversche Landesgalerie and the Bomann-Museum in Celle will welcome guests as well as the Antiquariat Joachim Wimmer for lectures by Markus Brandis and Winfried Geisenheyner on the Sunday. 

An excursion to Bargfeld will cover the work of Arno Schmidt. Hermann Wiedenroth (Das Bücherhaus), co-organizer of the seminar and long-time resident in Bargfeld, will give a lecture on the topic "The antiquarian as collector and author".

Markus Brandis (Galerie Bassenge, Berlin) and Winfried Geisenheyner (Antiquariat Winfried Geisenheyner, Münster-Hiltrup) will be part of the program on the last day of the seminar at Antiquariat Joachim Wilder (Hanover). Brandis talks about "The 1500-year-old reception of a world view. Almagest und Geographia des Claudius Ptolemäus", Geisenheyner on "The history of the children's book and its development in antiquarian bookshops".

The Seminar for Antiquarians, sponsored by the Association of German Antiquarian Booksellers, the Antiquarian Booksellers Associations of Austria and Switzerland as well as the Cooperative of Internet Antiquarians (GIAQ), has been held annually since 1971. Until 2005 Munich was the exclusive seminar venue, since then the seminar has taken place in Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Constance, Frankfurt am Main and Bamberg.

The entire programme can be viewed here (German language) 


13 Sept. 2018|16 Sept. 2018
Anmeldungen an:
Regina Kurz
Antiquariat Rainer Kurz
Watschöd 9
83080 Oberaudorf
Hannover / Bargfeld / Celle
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