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25. Antiquariatsmesse Zürich

decoration05 Nov. 2021|07 Nov. 2021

After the cancellation of the fair in 2020, the 25th Zurich Antiquarian Book Fair will now take place from 5 - 7 November 2021, bringing together Swiss and international antiquarian booksellers, organised by the Swiss association VEBUKU.

After winning a design award in 2018 for the outstanding design of the fair, the association has now launched an equally innovative website:

Dr. Peter Bichsel, President of VEBUKU and the entire Swiss booksellers association invite bibliophiles and collectors to one of Switzerland's most iconic art venues, the Kunsthaus in the heart of Zurich. 


Impressions 2019 


Zurich poster

Bichsel"Dear Visitor to the Zurich Antiquarian Book Fair,

During the early 2000’s, the Internet and online trading turned our traditional antiquarian book shops upside down. Any dealer who didn’t want to miss out had to start offering books online and eventually give in to the power of the virtual market place. Over 15 years on, internet selling platforms are now part of our daily life but they do not represent the whole trade. In contrast to many other products, antiquarian books cannot just be shown online. Condition, provenance, binding etc. are very particular characteristics that make an antiquarian book a truly unique product. In an antiquarian bookshop, this uniqueness has a home. A customer wants to see the book and hold it in their hands. We often fall in love with a book because of its feel and look before we buy. 

What better place to do exactly that than an antiquarian book fair, where books can be seen and touched? Where collectors are able to meet a variety of booksellers in one place and where it is possible to browse and converse in a comfortable setting. The Zurich Kunsthaus has been the home to the fair for many years and will this year, once again, be a place for special memories, enriching experiences and memorable encounters." Dr. Peter Bichsel. 


Zurich poster 2


Read an article in the Swiss Press and why the Swiss fair organisers asked for a date on Tinder (German language):
>> Tinder-Date mit Anna Karenina -  Die Antiquariatsmesse Zürich sucht das Publikum von morgen. Dazu setzt man auch mal auf die Dating-App Tinder.


Tinder Zurich




05 Nov. 2021|07 Nov. 2021
Grosser Vortragssaal
15 CHF: adults
Vereinigung der Buchantiquare und Kupferstichhändler in der Schweiz (VEBUKU)
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