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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
UB Heidelberg
Book History

Buchkunst des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland: Interview mit Dr. Jürgen Franssen, Heidelberg (German language)

Published on 01 Oct. 2018
Die Ausstellung "Wie ein fruchtbarer Regen nach langer Dürre" läuft noch bis Februar 2019 an der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg. Vor 100 Jahren kam es in der Buchherstellung und -gestaltung zu zahlreichen Neuanfängen und Wiederentdeckungen, die maßgeblichen Einfluss auf die moderne Typographie hatten. Die Entstehung und Ausprägung der Buchkunstbewegung vor allem in Deutschland in der Zeit um 1900 bis in die 1930er Jahre ist das Thema der Ausstellung. Die Universität sprach mit Kurator, Dr. Jürgen Franssen.
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William Reese: Collectors, Booksellers and Libraries
Rare Book Trade

Collectors, Booksellers and Libraries: Essays on Americanists and the Rare Book Market by the late William Reese

Published on 17 Sept. 2018
The rare book trade lost one of its most active members earlier this year. Besides his achievements as a remarkable bookseller of Americana material and the respect he gained in the bookselling community, William Reese is also remembered for his series of essays on the rare book market and Americana which were published in 2018. In a tribute to Mr Reese, ILAB will publish two chapters of his book over the next few weeks on this website with the permission of William Reese & Co.
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Jessica Jordan

Five Young Women With Prize-Winning Book Collections

Published on 11 Sept. 2018
The Paris Review, 7th September 2018: In 2017, Honey & Wax Booksellers established an annual prize for American women book collectors, aged 30 years and younger. The idea took shape when Heather O’Donnell and Rebecca Romney, the bookstore’s owners, observed that “the women who regularly buy books from us are less likely to call themselves 'collectors' than the men, even when those women have spent years passionately collecting books."
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46 - 54 / 2011

From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


Collecting Nobel Prize in Literature Winners

With the Frankfurt Book Fair coming up this week and the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2015 Leah Dobrinska of Books Tell You Why focuses on a very special book collecting theme: "Awarded each year since 1901 (except in 1914, 1918, 1935, 1940, 1941, 1942, and 1943), the Nobel Prize in Literature is an obvious litmus test for exceptional writers. While there have, of course, been a fair share of "snubs" in the past 100+ years, many of the greatest authors in recent history bear the title "Nobel laureate." As a result, collecting Nobel Prize winners makes good sense: there's a list to follow; a new author is chosen each year from all around the globe, allowing for an eclectic reach (many congratulations to the 2015 winner from Belarus, Svetlana Alexievich!); and your collection will be filled with the best of the best." Read more:
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Beyond the Printed Page: Robert Sabuda is the superstar of the modern pop-up book

"Robert Sabuda is a man of many dimensions. In the author and illustrator's hands, children's stories unfold — and also tumble, pop, fly, rise up, spin and leap from the page. Sabuda is the modern master of a technique used to bring text to life since the 13th century. In the realm of pop-up books, Robert Sabuda stands out."
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Rare Kafka Letters Bought by the Bodleian Library (Oxford) and the Marbach Literary Archive

The Berlin based auction house J. A. Stargardt cancelled its upcoming sale of rare autograph letters written by Franz Kafka to his sister Ottilie in the years 1909 to 1924. The important series of 45 letters, 32 postcards and 34 picture postcards contains almost all the surviving letters and postcards that Kafka sent to his sister Ottilie, who was known as Ottla – the youngest of his three sisters, and the family member to whom he was closest. The auction was scheduled for April 19, 2011 in Berlin, a richly illustrated catalogue with a preface by Hans-Gerd Koch had been published.
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PODCAST: Interview with London-based ILAB bookseller Sophie Schneideman

Sophie Schneideman has been an international rare book and print dealer for over 28 years, serving a long apprenticeship at Maggs Bros, an eminent book firm in Mayfair, and dealing as Sophie Schneideman Rare Books since 2007.
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Rare Books Worldwide - A Short History of the Book and Bibliophily in Italy

In a series of articles antiquarian booksellers and rare book collectors from all parts of the world write about bookselling and collecting in their country. Part 1, written by rare book expert Fabrizio Govi is dedicated to the history of the book in Italy.
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