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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade

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Do Rare Books Appreciate in Value?

I was recently asked by a reporter to comment on this question, and I offered some specific examples. As is often the case, my comments in the article, as well as an explanation of the examples, were very much cut for space (no hard feelings, I understand how these things go). But I thought I would provide the examples here, as well as a fuller answer to this question of how much rare books appreciate in value.
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“Only one word is needed – integrity”

Who wins the FIFA World Cup 2010? Spain? Argentina? Brazil? Italy? Or Ghana? Will England loose the penalty shootout? Does Germany reach the semi-finals without Michael Ballack? In three weeks the football world looks to South Africa. We have talked with a South African dealer about the most important thing besides football: rare books.
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Bibliographies - Elzevir

Online: C. F. Walther, Catalogue Méthodique des Dissertations ou Thèses Académiques primées par les Elzeir de 1616 à 1712
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