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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Type & Forme
Booksellers Worldwide

New to ILAB! Speaking to Anke Timmermann of Type & Forme and why rare books matter to a younger generation

Published on 30 May 2019
ILAB spoke to one of the newer members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association, Anke Timmermann who jointly owns and runs the business Type & Forme with her partner Mark James: "...the printed book and manuscripts have lost none of their allure in the new millennium, and antiquarian books are arguably even better appreciated in recent years ... Social media, especially Instagram, have brought forth a new generation of bibliophiles..."
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Book Collecting Now Cover

New publication by Chatwin Books (US) looks at today's book collecting

Published on 14 May 2019
Indeed, “Books don’t just furnish a room,” Michael Dirda writes in Browsings. “. . . Digital texts are all well and good, but books on shelves are a presence in your life. As such, they become a part of your day-to-day existence, reminding you, chastising you, calling to you. Plus, book collecting is, hands down, the greatest pastime in the world.”
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From the Vault

A sneak peek in our archives


Paul Foster Books. First Catalogue 1993

Yesterday I received several boxes, from my Printer, containing my latest Catalogue. It is always an exciting time for a bookseller. Months of hard work, buying, researching and cataloguing the books, not to mention proof reading and checking photo images, have gone into this one little volume, and it is as near to publishing as most book dealers ever get. This latest catalogue is a selection of the more interesting items I have bought recently, listing 190 books over 48 text pages and with a sixteen page colour section full of photographs in the middle, the whole lot wrapped in colour printed, gloss finished, covers. It is a modest little booklet by some standards, but when I compare it to the catalogues I was producing back in the 1990's it seems a world away. My business, and my catalogues, have seen remarkable advances in technology over the last 20 years.
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Just what has been going on Down Under? - A great deal has been going on, “Down Under” this year!

Having held both a wonderful conference in May and a hugely successful Melbourne Rare Book Week and Melbourne Rare Book Fair in late July the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB) is on a high! Not only have we enjoyed great success with these two events with our profile considerably raised and many sales made – but, and this is a significant but - we have learnt something very powerful and extremely heartening. We now know that there is just as much interest as there ever was in rare books – if not in fact more, but the methods we need to use to reach and motivate collectors have changed considerably. Both the ANZAAB Conference and most particularly the Melbourne Rare Book Fair are proof of this. We tried something different and it worked!
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45th California International Antiquarian Book Fair Will Dazzle With Rare and Beautiful Treasures

From February 10 - 12, 2012, Southern California will become the rare book capital of the world as thousands of book lovers, U.S. and international dealers and scholars converge for the 45th California International Antiquarian Book Fair at the Pasadena Convention Center. Recognized as one of the world's largest and most prestigious exhibitions of antiquarian books, the Book Fair gives visitors the opportunity to see, learn about and purchase the finest in rare and valuable books, manuscripts, autographs, graphics, prints, maps, photographs and more.
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Congresses, Meetings, Fairs 1947 - 2017

History - Congresses, Fairs, Meetings
1947 - Amsterdam - Preliminary conference
1948 - Copenhagen - 1st Congress1949 - London - 2nd Congress1950 - Paris - 3rd Congress1951 - Brussels - 4th Congress1952 - Geneva - 5th Congress1953 - Milan - 6th Congress1954 - Vienna - 7th Congress1955 - New York - 8th Congress1956 - London - 9th Congress1957 - Munich - 10th Congress1958 - London - 11th Congress1959 - New York - 12th Congress1960 - Scheveningen - 13th Congress1961 - Paris - 14th Congress1962 - Basel - 15th Congress1963 - Brussels - 16th Congress1964 - Ravenna - 17th Congress
1965 - Amsterdam - 1st International Book Fair
1965 - Stuttgart - Presidents' Meeting
1966 - Vienna - 18th Congress1967 - San Francisco - 19th Congress and 2nd International Book Fair1968 - Amsterdam - 3rd International Book Fair
1968 - London - Presidents' Meeting
1969 - Copenhagen - 20th Congress
1970 - Paris - Presidents' Meeting
1971 - London - 21st Congress and 4th International Book Fair
1972 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
1973 - Tokyo - 22nd Congress and 5th International Book Fair
1974 - Turin - Presidents' Meeting
1975 - Amsterdam - 23rd Congress and 6th International Book Fair
1976 - Brussels - Presidents' Meeting
1977 - Düsseldorf - 7th International Book Fair
1978 - Zurich - 25th Congress and 8th International Book Fair
1979 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
1980 - New York - 26th Congress and 9th International Book Fair
1981 - Kyoto - Presidents' Meeting
1982 - Amsterdam - Presidents' Meeting
1983 - Stockholm - Presidents' Meeting
1984 - London - 27th Congress and 10th International Book Fair
1985 - Munich - Presidents' Meeting
1986 - Venice - 28th Congress and 11th International Book Fair
1987 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
1988 - Paris - 29th Congress and 12th International Book Fair
1989 - Yverdon - Presidents' Meeting
1990 - Tokyo - 30th Congress and 13th International Book Fair
1991 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
1992 - Cologne - 31st Congress and 14th International Book Fair
1993 - Los Angeles - Presidents' Meeting
1994 - Amsterdam - 32nd Congress and 15th International Book Fair
1995 - Brussels - Presidents' Meeting
1996 - Los Angeles - 33rd Congress and San Francisco, 16th International Book Fair
1997 - Sydney - Presidents' Meeting
1998 - Vienna - 34th Congress and 17th International Book Fair
1999 - Florence - Presidents' Meeting
2000 - Edinburgh - 35th Congress and 18th International Book Fair
2001 - Boston - Presidents' Meeting
2002 - Scandinavia - 36th Congress and 19th International Book Fair
2003 - Potsdam - Presidents' Meeting
2004 - Melbourne - 37th Congress and 20th International Book Fair
2005 - Montréal - Presidents' Meeting
2006 - Wilmington - Presidents' Meeting
2006 - New York - 21st International Book Fair
2007 - Paris - Presidents' Meeting
2008 - Madrid - 38th Congress and 22nd International Book Fair
2009 - Vienna - Presidents' Meeting
2010 - Bologna - 39th Congress and 23rd International Antiquarian Book Fair
2011 - Weimar - Presidents' Meeting
2012 - Lucerne, Zurich - 40th Congress and 24th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2013 - Siena - Presidents' Meeting
2014 - Paris - 41th ILAB Congress and 25th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2015 - Seville - Presidents' Meeting
2016 - Budapest - 42nd ILAB Congress and 26th International Antiquarian Book Fair
2017 - Copenhagen - Presidents' Meeting
2018 - Los Angeles - 43rd ILAB Congress

(Picture: Presidents' Meeting in Vienna, October 2009)
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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - The Ring Comes to London

Swimming Rhine maidens, by special permission of H.M. the King of Bavaria – Wagner's "Ring" came to London in 1882. "He planned to open his campaign in London, and visited in October 1881 to inspect the stage at Her Majesty's Theatre, and again in April 1882 with his entire technical staff, just a month before the first performance was to take place. Although the Theatre was in theory ready, it reneged on its contract and it fell to Neumann to arrange everything, from the orchestra and chorus to the advertising (presumably why the flyer here was printed in Leipzig), even the carpets in the foyer."
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