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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Type & Forme
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New to ILAB! Speaking to Anke Timmermann of Type & Forme and why rare books matter to a younger generation

Published on 30 May 2019
ILAB spoke to one of the newer members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association, Anke Timmermann who jointly owns and runs the business Type & Forme with her partner Mark James: "...the printed book and manuscripts have lost none of their allure in the new millennium, and antiquarian books are arguably even better appreciated in recent years ... Social media, especially Instagram, have brought forth a new generation of bibliophiles..."
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1 - 8 / 2014

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The Library of William Morris – A Digital Catalogue by Bill Peterson and Sylvia Holton Peterson

An excellent bibliographical project and an important contribution to Victorian England and the history of the private presses: Bill Peterson and Sylvia Holton Peterson have launched a digital catalogue of the library of William Morris (1834-1896) who was one of the key figures of the Victorian era and founder of the Kelmscott Press in 1891. So far 958 entries from a total of approximately 2.000 have been added to the digital catalogue, all of them carefully described with provenances, references, quotations, and, if available, links to digital versions. The catalogue – to be found here - can be searched in various ways: authors, titles, date of publication, key words etc. More details on this impressive work are given by the editors themselves ...
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Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography

The Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography by Charles W. Bailey is available from Digital Scholarship with live links to many included works.
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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Eliza Haywood, Overlooked Authorial Pioneer

Called both the "Great Arbitress of Passion" and insulted as "Juno of majestic size," Eliza Haywood occupied a complicated place among her contemporaries. The incredibly prolific author wrote novels, plays, and pamphlets, and her writing incited controversy among her peers. Today scholars appreciate Haywood's role as a feminist writer, and collectors can build an expansive and diverting personal library around her many works.
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Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Childhood Classics: ‘The Night before Christmas’

Christmas is fast approaching, and for most of us, it's easy to get lost in the to-do lists and travel itineraries of the holidays. As adults, we can lose sight of the joy, wonder, and magic of this season. One book that has always encapsulated those emotions is The Night before Christmas. This childhood classic has enraptured generations, so much so that some rare book collectors even focus all their efforts on this single title. But as with any good story, there are multiple layers to this tale: the poem that shaped our Christmas traditions is also the center of an authorial controversy.
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