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Rare Books and the Rare Book Trade
Seattle Downtown
Book Fairs

Seattle Book Fair Report by Douglas Stewart

Published on 19 Dec. 2018
After the Pasadena book fair in February this year I enjoyed a scenic drive up the Pacific Highway to Seattle, where I met up with the local dealers who invited me to come exhibit at the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair in October. I thought that sounded like fun, so jumped back on the QF93 to attend my first book fair in the Pacific Northwest.
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From the Vault

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Bibliographies - Printers' Devices

Online: Printers' Devices Database - Marques d'impressors
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Dr. Michael Knoche and Professor Dr. Reiner Speck - ILAB and VDA Patrons of Honour

The German Antiquarian Booksellers' Association (VDA) is delighted to announce that Dr. Michael Knoche and Professor Dr. Reiner Speck have been awarded the ILAB Patron of Honour for their outstanding contributions to the world of books and the antiquarian book trade.
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The Wonders of the Shore in Color

Long before Darwin's Origin was published in 1859 there was in Victorian society a strong popular interest in natural history. Not only did the microscope reveal previously hidden wonders, exposing for the first time the sexual life of plants, but advances in printing technology made it possible to reproduce and disseminate such images – in color – among the new and rapidly growing middle and working class populations. An excellent example of this historically unique intersection between science, technology and religion just appeared on my desk: the 1855 edition of Rev. Charles Kingsley's Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Shore.
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Cornstalk Bookshop Celebrates 30 Years

Congratulations! Cornstalk Bookshop celebrates its 30th anniversary. Paul Feain, ILAB General Secretary and owner of Cornstalk looks back to the beginnings: "Over the years I have been supported by many wonderful staff members, some of whom have gone on to operate their own rare bookshops. Some are professors and academics, some have had their books published. I owe a great debt to everyone on my staff and former staff members. These people are my friends and often I have drawn on their wisdom and the business would not have survived without their enthusiasm and support."
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